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I think I have this too. Is the lump kind of bendy and feeling it is attached to your jaw but can move sort of either side of it, more like a flat shape. It gives me some headaches, but I've had a sinus infection around the whole area. Wonder if there's a lymph node there. I'm going to the GP about it anyhow.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-29 21:17:28
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Q: What's a small painful lump just in front of the right ear that gives you a headache when you're about to go to sleep and could being in a car accident a week ago have caused stress and the bump?
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Does a painful headache mean a stroke?

Not necessarily. It could be several types of headaches: from stress, congestion, a migrane, cluster headache. Migranes and cluster headaches are both extremely painful.

What can cause headache in your forehead?

A headache in your forehead can be a migraine headache, a headache caused by stress tension or a sinus headache. There are many causes, more commonly the ones mentioned.

Headache behind the eyes?

There could be many causes for a headache behind the eyes. This is commonly known as a tension headache, and can be caused by stress or physical strain.

What is painful inflammation of the Achilles tendon caused by excessive stress on the tendon?


How do you spell tention headache?

The correct spelling is "tension headaches" (caused by stress, often muscular).

What are the causes of light pain in forehead?

If you have a light pain in your forehead, you probably have a headache caused by noise or stress.

Can you sue for mental stress from an auto accident?

If you can prove that the accident caused you stress in your daily life, trauma, psychological issues, strains on your job performance, etc... Then you could get away with it.

When you have a headache and drink coffee it stop?

Drinking coffee might stop your headache - it depends on why you got the headache. If you are addicted to caffeine/coffee, drinking coffee will stop the headache if it is caused by withdrawal. It won't help if your headache is due to dehydration, illness, stress, etc.

What might cause a headache on half of the forehead?

Headaches can be caused by tension, stress, or a sinus infection. Other causes for a headache on the forehead are migraines, or high blood pressure.

Headache and high white blood count are symptoms of illness?

a headache could be caused due to the stress of worrying about your white blood count being raised. it does mean you are fighting an infection

What are the causes of a migrane headache?

There are a range of things that can potentially cause a migraine headache. Sometimes they are caused by high stress levels while other times they may be cause by bad food or by skipping meals.

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