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When you turn the steering wheel all the way till it stops and hold it there the pump is still trying to push fluid into the steering piston but it wont go any farther, and this puts a tremendous load on the pump which can cause belt squeal, its like pushing a car with the brake on a lot of effort for no result. So try this, when you have turned the wheel as far as it can go back off a little bit and see if it continues.

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Q: What's causing a squealing sound when you turn the steering wheel to the right on a 1997 Civic LX Sound appears to be from steering rack and pwr steering pump and belt have been changed?
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1989 f150 and am just wondering what could be causing a squealing from the engine I've already changed the serpentine belt and that helped a little but it stills does it when i step on the gas?

The squeal you speak of is belt related, yes; but it is not the belt. There is a belt tensioner ( the part you had to pull up to remove and replace the belt). Inside this tensioner, the bearing goes bad causing the squealing sound you describe. Replace the tensioner (pulley or assembly) and the noise will go away.

Why is car squealing when brakes haven't been applied?

a belt needs changed. go to see a mechanic

Why is your 2002 jeep wrangler squeeling in cold weather at start up?

It could be your serpentine belt.............or your power steering pump. Start your car and open the hood and try to isolate the squealing........ How long has it been since your serpentine belt was changed? If you can't remember, spend a few dollars and replace it. It may stop the squealing. Even if it doesn't, you haven't lost have gained peace of mind your belt won't break and leave you stranded now. If it isn't your serp belt, look at your power steering pump and fluid.

Turning the steering to extreme left or right and pushing the acclerator car gives a loud squealing sound from the front and recently got brake shoes and front tires changed and it started since then.?

From your description I would assume that to be the power steering pump slipping on the drive belt. You could check the tension if you want, otherwise just don't turn the wheel so hard.

Why is your car squealing after having serpentine belt changed?

Possibly the wrong belt was installed or most likely your belt tensioner is bad.

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your drive belt my be loose or need to be changed. You can try spraying a little wd40 in all the areas that the belt spins around.

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