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If it,s overheating as you drive along,could be the thermostat sticking shut,or poor flow through the rad,(it's 10 years old so could be blocking). If it's just when in slow moving traffic,could be the electric fan not coming on--faulty thermo switch,wire off,motor u/s.Is the coolant level dropping?If so,and no leak apparent,you may have head gasket failure or just the pressure cap blowing off.Is auto box slipping,or not engaging high gear,brake dragging?Something in this list should help.

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2000 w plate vauxhall vectra misfiring and not revving properly Whats the solution?

Try changing the spark plugs and have the timing checked.

What does the orange light on the dashboard with lightning bolt through an engine block on a vauxhall vectra p reg mean?

Engine management light on....needs to go to a vauxhall garage or local garage to be plugged into diagnostic centre then you will know whats wrong with it...

Whats the Eco button for in a 2001 opel vectra elegance?

It is for reducing petrol when climate control is switched on

Whats causing check gauges light to come on?

The check gauges light usually means that one of the gauges is out of its normal range. It could be due to an overheat, a under/over charging alternator, low oil pressure etc

How do you reset the emission light on a Vauxhall Zafira 1.6?

whats mean dtc P1700 on zafira Z18XE.thanks

Vectra 1600 16v cam bolts torque R reg?

whats the tension supposed to be on the 4age cam bolts

Whats causing your 1992 ford ranger to idle to fast?

water pump or thertomstat

Whats causing the loud humming noise from underneath my BMW E30 1990?

Fuel pump?

How you can reduce lips sweeling?

ice. but a better question is whats causing the swelling... prevent THAT ! and your in business

Whats the most popular car?

The most popular company for cars this year (2012) is Ford however Vauxhall is also a very popular company to sell cars.

Whats cause of standard transmission if you will used a atf fluid?

Automatic transmission fluid would likely cause a standard transmission to overheat and wear the gears at a high rate.

Whats causing my GMC sierra 99 blower to run but nothing comes out?

Do you mean the fan for the heating & AC?

If the fuses are all good whats causing the directional lights to stop working?

They are a compleat circuit if one light is bad it will not work

Whats causing your engine to vibrate so hard when idling?

My guess would be to look at the motor mounts to see if they are loose or broken.

You got a 1998 Oldsmobile intrigue got a red fluid light on left side by heat gauge whats the light mean?

You need to add water to the radiator, it may be low and you will overheat your motor.

Whats causing your left front tire wear more rapidly than the others?

your wheel balance or wheel alignment need adjusting

Whats wrong with Daniela Ruah eyefro ncis LA?

It is a unique birthmark causing her to have one hazel eye while the other is black

2000 jeep wrangler have replaced the climate control panel three times and the connector on the fan speed melts Whats up?

there is an electrical short in the blower motor, making wires overheat. replace blower motor

What is causing blower motor to only work on high for a 2000 explorer 5.0 with the electronic dash control unit?

usually whats known as a blower resistor

Whats causing the D to blink on the dashboard of 2004 Honda crv?

It is an indication of possible transmission trouble. Get it to a shop that can read the OBD code to determine the problem.

No leaks and thermostat changed 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse still overheats whats next?

There are several things that can cause your 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse to overheat. A malfunctioning water pump or a blown head gasket should be the next things that are checked.

There is a loud pop sound when you let off gas and cuts when you first crank it up and when you drive on my Bonniville SE whats causing it?

This can be because it may be out of time. Have the vehicle timed.

What is the cause of not getting periods for last two three months?

Pregnancy, menopause, stress, under weight, anorexia, contraceptives, but see your GP to be sure whats causing the absence.

Whats causes a 1992 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera to idle high and overheat?

The high idle may be caused by old spark plugs and wires. As far as the temperature problem there are several things that may cause this, but the thermostat is the easiest and cheapest thing to check.

There is a pipe on the right hand side of your engine that's come off somewhere the car is running like if it is missfireing its a vauxhall 1800 you cant see where it should be fitted?

have a look under the air filter...sounds like a breather pipe There are some tubes that don't seem to be going anywhere. These are breathers. But be warned.... I have a 1600 vectra. This sudenly started running with a miss fire. I had blown the inlet valve on cylinder three. if by removeing the sparkies one at a time whilst the engine is running the same you will find a problem with the which ever cylinder does not change the way the engine runs. Go to a vauxhall dealership with service. Speak to a mechanic during lunch hour. You may well find that if you bung them a few quid for a pint they will tell you whats wrong and how to cure.