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He could be telling the truth, but he should have learned from his mistakes the first time. It doesn't matter if this woman's husband is cheating on her or not ... she has girlfriends to talk too and doesn't need your husband! After all, he's the male and she's a female and isn't that how cheating starts, just friends. Think about it! Tell him to lose the friend! If he doesn't like it, tell him the next step you plan he won't like even more and that's leaving! Good luck Marcy

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Q: What's going on if your husband had an affair 2 years ago and you just found out that he has been calling another woman that had an affair on her husband but he said they are just good friends?
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My husband is calling a previous mistress and in am emotional relationship with her Will it become another affair in time?

yes the same hapend to me and fast

Does alesha Dixon have a husband?

She did have a husband, but they are now divorced. He had an affair with one of her friends!

Is Bianca in eastenders having an affair?

No she is not having an affair. The person she has been calling is actually her husband Ricky. They are using role play.

What should I title a paper about a couple getting a divorce because the husband had an affair with another man?

an american affair

If another woman if having affair with your husband what charges can you file on her she is my niece?

None. Having an affair is not a criminal matter for her. I don't know what country you live in, but maybe your husband is guilty of some adultery crime.

What do you do if your husband has had an affair for 4 years with one of your best friends and you find out that your husband is the father of a child born out of this affair?

Leave him and her behind. If they wanted to be with each other they should have come to you and told you about their affair and not keep it in the dark. Seek a lawyers advice on divorce. Your marriage to me is not salvageable because of the length of the affair and the fact that there is now a love child involved.

What to do if your husband and sister had an affair?

Divorse to husband , breakupwith boyfriend

What are the symptoms when your husband has an affair?

if he is accusing you of having an affair, when you are not.

Can you sue a person for having an affair with your wife?

Well it depends. If the husband and wife are married and another man comes and has an affair with the wife, than he can sue him. Only if the woman does not like the man. If she does then she the man can't, the wife and husband simply get a divorce.

Can a wife be arrested for slapping a women that is having an affair with her husband?

Yes, striking another adult is assault and/or battery.

I have a question about remarriage. My ex husband had an affair with another married woman. He married her. I have read in the Bible that a woman can get a divorce from the man if he had an affair.?

Yes, she can get a divorce.

What is another word for affair?

It depends on what form of the word you mean. One is "event," or "party" as in "The Christmas party was the affair of the season." The other is "tryst," "fling," or "two-timing" as in "She had an affair with the poolboy while her husband was away on business."

What do you do if you classify your husband affair material?

ANSWER: Even if your husband is an affair material, that will not be his legit reason why he is having an affair. It can't be that he is not getting his needs at home, it will explain why he ask you to marry him if he will betrayed you.

How to tell your husband that you had an affair?


Can you sue your husband for having an affair?


My husband is a truck driver but somehow found the time to befriend a female worker from his job whom he speaks with on his cellphone as he's works but stopped calling me is he having an affair?

There is a possibility they are just friends. Unfortunately there was a thing that worked ( she has since been fired) in the office for the trucking company my husband worked for. Jennifer was calling his cell phone day and night plus she was telling him how she wanted to be with him because she was afraid of her boyfriend. Her boyfriend had just left his wife so you get the picture. In your case this person may just be friends with your husband. The only way to know is to open communication with him and keep your eyes on the situation.

Why did my husband Google his mistress after their affair?

Maybe he doesn't want the affair to be over.

When a married woman has an affair and has a child with that man what rights does her husband have to the child?

Since you have become pregnant from having affair with another man and if your husband has forgiven you and is acceptable of the baby then the two of you can raise that child. However, if the biological father is interested in his own baby then he has some visitation rights. If you husband does not want to raise another man's baby then you will have to consider at least separation from your husband or divorce if you want to raise this child alone. The man you had the affair with should pay child support. You would be wise to seek legal advice.

If your husband got caught in 3 yr affair and the OW dont want him he did not stop the affair on his own accord he is angry at you is he upset because the affair is over because he loves her?

Really?? break up with him!! he loves another girl and why would you want Ur husband loving another women and hes cheating go u!!! hope this helped u make the right choice.

Did I do the right thing by telling the husband his wife was having an affair with your husband?

No, it is not a mistake to tell the husband his wife was having an affair with your husband. However, some wives can be in denial and they may not believe their husband is cheating, but most do.

How do you have an affair with friends mom?

You do not have an affair with your friend's mother ... that simple!

Best friend having an affair with a friends' husband?

Best friend having an affair with friends husband? I recently found out that my best friend is having an affair with the husband of a couple my husband and I hang out with often. It seems, the affair has been going on for several months (almost a year) but I found out about it a few weeks ago. My best friend was sworn to secrecy by him and was made to promise that she would never tell me but one night, while I was at her place having drinks, she had a few too many and spilled the beans. Problem is, my husband and I are pretty close to the married couple and often times we have dinner, travel, or hang out at each other's homes. I am at a loss as to how to handle this. What would you do in my situation? Now that I know, I feel guilty although I had nothing to do with them hooking up.

Did Sara Palin's husband have an affair?

yess he did

Husband will not admit to wife he cheated why not?

By failing to admit adultery or sexual dalliance, the husband seeks to avoid confirming negative information to family or friends. As long as it is merely an allegation, he may avoid legal or societal repercussions. Also, should he end an affair and acknowledges it to his spouse, he is under increased scrutiny, and would seem even more guilty and dishonorable should he embark on another affair in the future.

What do we learn about Blanche's husband?

He was involved in an affair with another man. Blanche found out about this and when she was drunk called him worthless. He committed suicide because of this.