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You're getting what you well deserve! She flaunting the fact she's got her act together and who needs you! Hope you learn a lesson from this??????


  • when you say you abused her, what do you mean? Anyway, I would be concentrating on getting some therapy to help you combat abusive behaviour. Now I am not trying to make you feel bad, but If you want to ever have a good relationship with any girl, you have to treat her very well. Please do yourself and any girl that you ever get involved with a favour - get help today. You can be a better person. Don't get discouraged - you can unlearn abusive behaviour if you really want to. - Call your family doctor and get a referral to a behavioral therapist. This is your once chance at having a fulfilling relationship. If your ex girlfriend sees that you have changed, she will come back if she still loves you. Don't try to get her back if you haven't changed - she will just tell you where to go and how to get there. You also owe her a big apology for how you have mistreated her. Give us an update on how you are getting help and what steps you have taken to have a better life.
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2011-09-13 12:53:42
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Q: What's going on when a woman you abused and then dumped is now looking great but just sees your mutual friends and ignores you?
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Go back to the old friends and explain why you "dumped" them and say that its ok if they don't wanna be friends again, but you would really like it.

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aw Get yourself out there, enjoy yourself with your friends or start a new hobby to keep you occupied, and then it will help. Heartache always heals with time as well. By moving on and looking for someone else to forget about that person you were dumped by or dumped.

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Are you cruel to start seeing another man the day after you dumped your abusive ex-boyfriend?

No, you are not cruel to start seeing another man the day after you dumped your abusive ex-boyfriend because he didn't care about you when he abused you, so you shouldn't care about his feelings.

What do you do when you have been dumped?

Nothing if i got dumped a girl) i would want to make him feel jealous. When i had a boyfriend once he dumped me I cried a little and my best friends helped me get through this. I realized I spent to much time with my boyfriend that I needed time to spent with my friends. We had a better time. You just have to keep your lives going when you have a breakup. * ** *** **** ***** I agree **** *** ** *

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