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its amazing because you help animals from their pains >salary is good like doctors kind of . but i don't care of how much there giving me .at least i enjoy it that's how cool to be a vet.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 13:15:59
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Q: What's it like to be a veterinarian?
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Whats the average salary of a veterinarian in nova scotia Canada?

Associate Veterinarian - 11 years experience : 34Hrs/Week, ~$53,000

Is there on the job training to be a veterinarian?

Yes! There is a job training to be a veterinarian. It's called a veterinarian technician. The do the extra stuff like making the casts for the animals or priscrbig medication.

How many syllables are in the word veterinarian?

The word veterinarian contains 6 syllables, divided like this: vet-er-in-ar-i-an

How will you divide into syllables the word veterinarian?

The word veterinarian contains 6 syllables, divided like this: vet-er-in-ar-i-an

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Why is a veterinarian assistat is need?

the veterinarians cant do everything by their self and just like a doctor would need a nurse a veterinarian needs an assistant.

What animals can a veterinarian help?

A veterinarian can help almost all animals as long as its in their field. Like say that its a pet then the vet would have to be a small animal veterinarian, or say a horse they would have to be a large animal vet.

What tips would you have for someone who wants to become a veterinarian?

First, be prepared to be in school for a long time - in the United States it takes a minimum of seven years of college to become a veterinarian. Second, take as many math and science classes as you can, because you will need that knowledge base to succeed in school and as a veterinarian. Third, do some deep soul-searching about why you want to be a veterinarian - just because you like animals doesn't mean you will like being a veterinarian.

What province is best to find work for a veterinarian?

omg!! i like connor.t omg!! i like connor.t

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What is the name of animal's doctor?

VeterinarianWell it depends. For animals, it is a veterinarian (vet). And for human, just a doctor.Veterinarianveterinarian

What is a cattle veterinarian called?

A bovine veterinarian, or even a large-animal veterinarian.

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Puss is a reaction to an infection. If your cat has sores on its back paws that are leaking puss, your cat needs to be seen by a veterinarian.

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