Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

What's the Pokemon LeafGreen gameshark codeshiny Pokemon?

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no know shiny Pokemon code for gamesharkthere is no known code for finding shiny Pokemon for game shark. the easiest way to find shinys is to play for 60 hours straight (if you have a game boy advance sp or gameboy micro, just plug the gameboy in and leave it on for three days) another way is to beat the Trainer Tower challenge in the double challenge one time and then use the GameShark code to catch other trainers Pokemon (I'm sorry, i don't know that code) and fight the first set of trainers in the tower's double challenge and the espeon should be green instead of purple (at least it is in my game)

I'm not shere but try going to and click on GBA SP then cods.

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Whats the gameshark code to get Deoxys in Pokemon Leafgreen?

La du zi

Whats the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Deoxys cause you can't get it.

Whats the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen there a mew in Pokemon LeafGreen or sapphire?

well it is either mewtwo or entai/raikou/soucuin and no for leaf but yes to emerald

Whats the braille say on Pokemon LeafGreen?

my brother told me that it was on cinnabar island but i cant find it.

Where can you get speed ball in Pokemon LeafGreen?

there is no speed ball in Pokemon leaf green whats a speed ball I've never herd of it

Whats the best moveset for beedrill in Pokemon leafgreen?

always have tweneedle,then string shoot to lower speed,fury atack and toxtic.

Whats is nugget bridge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Nugget Bridge is just a bridge consisting of five trainers. If you win against all five you get a nugget.

Is this a good LeafGreen team?

Whats your team if we don't know how do we answer

Whats the gameshark who make main Pokemon shiny on Pokemon emerald?

I think so you know how to insert the codes. If you don't see the way First go to cheats meny and click cheat list and then click on gameshark then copy and paste the cheat you want and just enjoy note: this is only for vba users Emerald code for gameshark all wild Pokemon shiny Master code must be on 00006fa7000a 1006af880007 The awesome code 83007ce40021 83007ce60300 53000020000f 044800684589 808900042843 1860c0460148 0047905d0003 177c06080000

Can you use Pokemon Sapphire Gameshark codes on Emerald Gameshark?

Can you use Pokemon Sapphire Gameshark codes on Emerald Gameshark?"AnswerThe answer is- No. It wouldn't work. Answerit work with me AnswerI think this web site rules answeryes you can!!!there is a code!! I have itwhats the code to do that and is possible to do on emerald to sapphire and can i use the emerald gameshark codes on sapphire?No each game has its own master code so you cant use codes from one game on another, hope this helpsAnswer by WyraNo. The games are coded differently -- not even codes that would ordinarily work on Ruby would work on Sapphire, so the same can be assumed for Ruby/Sapphire congruent codes on Emerald.

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111b24 4ga67d

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