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What's the Pokemon LeafGreen gameshark codeshiny Pokemon?

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"no_know_shiny_Pokemon_code_for_gameshark" id=

"no_know_shiny_Pokemon_code_for_gameshark">no know shiny Pokemon

code for gameshark

there is no known code for finding shiny Pokemon for game shark.

the easiest way to find shinys is to play for 60 hours straight (if

you have a game boy advance sp or gameboy micro, just plug the

gameboy in and leave it on for three days) another way is to beat

the Trainer Tower challenge in the double challenge one time and

then use the gameshark code to catch other trainers Pokemon (I'm

sorry, i don't know that code) and fight the first set of trainers

in the tower's double challenge and the espeon should be green

instead of purple (at least it is in my game)

I'm not shere but try going to www.Gameshark.com and click on

GBA SP then cods.

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