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To Be Honest the prices of wheel alignment vary all around the counrty depending the make and model of your car and also the price per hour of the mechanic sorry man but your just going to have to call around

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โˆ™ 2005-08-16 01:10:49
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Q: What's the average cost of a wheel alignment on a Ford Escort GT?
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How much is a wheel alignment?

In my area it will average around $50. It depends on the vehicle.

What is average cost for a wheel alignment on a 2002 Hyundai Sonata?

About 75 bucks a wheel.

How much does a 4 wheel alignment cost at Firestone?

The price for a 4 wheel alignment at Firestone can vary depending on the make and model of your car. The average price for a standard alignment at Firestone is $79. Their Lifetime Alignment is $129.

Whats causing your left front tire wear more rapidly than the others?

your wheel balance or wheel alignment need adjusting

What is the average cost of a wheel alignment?

It depends on if you whether you need 2 wheel or 4 wheel alignment. Two wheel can range from $30-$65. 4 wheel can range from $50-$95 depending on the area you live.

What is average cost for wheel alignment on a Toyota 4 runner?

I paid 119.95 for a four wheel alignment on a 2001 4Runner SR5 Hope this helps ! Bob

How much does a wheel alignment cost at good year?

The price of a wheel alignment at Good Year varies depending on the location. The average price is between 100 and 200 dollars.

What is the cost to get an alignment?

On average a 2 wheel alignment runs about $50.00. If you get a 4 wheel alignment it will cost you $80.00 to $100.00. I used to work at a car dealer and we charged $130.00 for a 4 wheel alignment. Best advice shop around and make sure you get a warranty because sometimes the mechanic will not adjust the alignment right and you will have to go back.

What is average cost for a wheel alignment on a 2002 Lincoln LS?

A 2002 Lincoln LS wheel alignment will cost approximately $79 at a Lincoln dealership. Wheel alignments special rates can be found for as low as $49.

How do you say wheel alignment in Spanish?

Wheel alignment = Alineación de rueda

What is the average price for a 4 wheel alignment on a 1997 Acura CL?

i paid $65.00

Can you do a do it your self wheel alignment on a 1997 ford escort?

Sort of. Changing the alignment is no biggie, but w/o special measuring gear it's really hard to know if you've made it better or worse.

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