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A rubber boot with hose clamps is the best, as there is no way to glue them thet will rilly hold. you will need to know each pipe size and your local hardware store will carry them. * There is a glue available that will bond the two different plastics very well. It has been used in the field for 15 years at least. I dont know of any failures, as long as proper assembly instructions are observed. . . clean pipe, right temperature, use cleaner on BOTH the ABS and the PVC, place glue on both surfaces to be joined, insert-slight twist-hold. Any decent hardware or big-box carries it. Just ask for "ABS to PVC glue".

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Q: What's the best way to join abs to PVC piping?
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Benefits Of PVC Piping?

When designing office furniture, consider using PVC piping. There are many benefits to PVC that many may overlook. First, contrary to popular belief, PVC piping is very durable. It can withstand hundreds of pounds without stress. PVC piping is easy to clean and has little to no maintenance needs.

Where can you find a PVC pipe at home?

Basement, if any, will oft times have PVC piping used for drain lines in it, if codes allow PVC piping.

Is there a difference between gray and white PVC piping and fittings?

The only difference between gray and white PVC piping is in the color. They're both PVC.

Can you patch a crack on PVC piping?

It's best to cut out the bad area and replace with new pvc, then glue back together.

Who can tell us PVC piping shop about in Columbus?

There are many online shops that sell PVC piping. is one of online shop that sell PVC piping with any kind of models. You can visit

Is cast iron required on all 3 levels of a residential home even if the third floor has no plumbing fixtures?

No PVC is acceptable, you can join the new PVC piping into the existing Cast Iron.

How do you replace clay drain pipes with PVC?

Simple. Rip out the old and relay with PVC using good quality piping. Where you need to join to old fittings and new there are joints that marry the two.

Can PVC piping be joined to copper piping using PVC cement at the joints?

No!!!! Use either a compression fitting, or what they call a Sharkbite, these things are incredible and will attach PVC, PEX, or copper using the same fitting.

What is PVC used to make?

it is used to make piping and such

Can you attach PVC piping to a cast iron toilet drain?

Yes, but PVC creates problems

Is it ok to use galvanized pipe for potable water supply?

no use pvc piping or copper piping

What do PVC pipe fittings do?

Join PVC pipes.

What is pcv plumbing?

There is no PCV plumbing there is how ever PVC piping and fittings

Why use PVC tee with brass?

In general you would only do this if you need to connect a section of brass piping to a pvc section.

What must be used to join fitting and PVC togetter?

PVC Primer and PVC glue

Is it possible to replace basement iron piping with PVC piping to help a kitchen sink drain like it's supposed to?


Where can I get a new pvc pipe for my home?

PVC Piping can be found just about anywhere. If you are looking for inexpensive piping try going to LOWE's Or Home Depot. Their prices are generally cheaper than your local hardware store and have a wider variety.

Can PVC cement be used on cPVC piping?

No PVC cement can not be used on cpvc pipe. Cpvc and PVC pipe have different chemical compositions so a cement made for one will not work for the other. The process of joining plastic piping together is called solvent welding and the use of the wrong formulation will result in an inferior weld

What other uses are there for PVC glue?

PVC glues will work on PVC type plastics if a primer is applied. This is a specialised glue for piping and MAY glue other items, but don't expect too much.

What is the most rigid plastic?

PVC and Polystyrene are the most rigid, thus they are used mainly for piping.

What is the test pressure for 4 PVC piping?

For sanitary and venting, 5 psi. for 15 minutes.

Can PVC piping be a musical instrument?

yes it can be a musical instrument! you can make it into a huge carzy tubes!

Are galvanized pipes better for your home's external piping than PVC pipes?

Yes, the reason for this is PVC pipes do not last as long and galvanised piping can survive in any kind of weather climate. Depends.. Water quality, sun exposure, climate and flow rates

What is 16 AWG THHNTWN?

I think you mean 16 AWG THWN. It's coating for PVC piping.

Can a pool pump with 2 inch inlet and outlet be used with 1 12 inch PVC piping?

Yes, it can, this is fairly common. Just use a PVC reducer to connect.