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Id say because methadone is just a legal substitute for H addicts to use and 90% of the clinics are privately owned and in feed off your addict... no reason anyone should be on methadone for more than 1-2 months and that includes the time it takes to wein down your doses to nothing. another thing is go to a addiction specialst doc to prescribe him sleeping pills he will 95% need for 1 - 3 months depending on how long he was using h and methadone for. i cant sleep after only snorting for 1.5 years buti knew how bad idea to use methadone or suboxone so also no grp therapy for me too, and im 27 days clean as i type. any w/d symthoms he feels after he really quite the addiction doctor will prescribe him good NON-addicting prescription medication to help his sleep, most important (cant expect to jus suffer our 4 hour nights 7 days a week for 1-3 months) as well as ant-axiety and other to cope with the bordem that your brain tells you cuz doing any H = no bordem in your house or work or w.e. so jus bordem and sleeping has the highest chance of relapse ccuz asv we heard people relapse at a high percentatage all the time and those are the 2 most popular reason they go back. get ouy of the methadone if htey told your som/daughter they need methadone fore 1-2 years minimuum.. they are crook who wan there money. even a suboxone spec. was open and said if u dneed just for like 4-5 days then ull be down. nooo Methadone please.. o ya people use all the time while on methadone because its just an opiate in drinking form so lots of addicts know they can keep doing it on methadone cuz sadldy it doesnt do 'anythibng' when he stops get him those meds that my addiction specialisdt said to use after 2 years snorting addictiom. best of luck

all I can tell you is that you are working hard your use has gone down ans that is a step in the right direction just slowly stop using, if you have an off day go on a run and when you want to be using instead of running you will stop and count to ten then sprint for as long as you can then slow down and breath deep you need to try this i works and if you really want to stop and get healthy you can do it this way. give it a go.


Im not sure that even after being clean for years there still wont be the moment here or there where u want to chuck it all and get high "one more time" just remember there is no such thing as doing it just once, not for an addict. My feeling though is that at times methadone can hurt more than it helps, you can get just as addicted to methadone as heroin and it can destroy your body as well. I recommend, detox, half-way houses, and sober houses, all three in that order. I tried everything else, it was the only thing that has stuck.


The above answers come with good intentions but are not quite accurate in regards to the affects of opiate addiction. Relapse is part of the recovery process and could occur at anytime. It is what you do after that matters.

Individuals must have a clear understanding of what opiate addiction entails. Opiate addiction high jacks the reward system and can cause long term damage particularly to Mu2 receptors . For this reason it is recognized as a disease. The use of medication may be necessary to quiet these receptors during the craving process. Contrary to what the above mentioned individual states, METHADONE is completely safe and does ZERO DAMAGE to the body. Sober living homes, residential programs, counseling alone may not be affective when dealing with a medical disease.

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Q: What's the best way to stop feeling the need for heroin after someone has been prescribed methadone for months and is doing well but keeps having the odd day where they give up and use again?
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Can methadone and hydrocodone be mixed?

yes. I am on 110mg methadone a day and was prescribed loratab 7.5 after having carpal tunnel surgery and was told to take the lortabs 1 to 2 every 6 hrs for breakthrough pain.

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If it's prescribed for that baby, for the trouble it's currently having - yes. If it's someone else's prescription, or a prescription from another illness - no.

When choosing a detox method what are the pros and cons of Methadone vs Buprenex?

Methadone is more appropriate if you are using higher doses of opiates. Methadone is more appropriate during pregnancy. Methadone is more appropriate if you have chronic, severe pain. Buprenorphine is more appropriate if you want to eventually get off all drugs. It's easier to get off of Buprenorphine than to get off of Methadone. In the U.S., Buprenorphine can be prescribed by any physician who has been certified to prescribe it. Methadone, on the other hand, can only be prescribed (for opiate addiction) in special clinics. Thus, you can get Buprenorphine in a regular doctor's office (if the doctor is certified) rather than having to go to a special clinic. Some people prefer this, since when you go to a regular doctor's office nobody in the lobby knows you're a drug addict.

Can you take methadone with Vicodin?

Yes, you can. But it is absolutley pointless because methadone is an opiod blocker. It clogs your opiod receptors and blacks other opiates from having any effects. I would not recommend taking any other opiates with methadone, but there isn't really any problem with them mixing as long as you are taking them both as prescribed.Methadone is an OPIATE BLOCKER, therefore if you do take them together you will be defeating the purpose of the VICODIN because as I'm sure you know VICODIN is an OPIATE and you will have no effects from the VICODIN. Therefore, what I'm trying to say is you are actually wasting the VICODIN and adding more DISTRESS to your LIVER AND KIDNEYS. So take one or the other, not both.You can mix vicodin and methadone, but if you are lookin to get a high off of the vicodin you won't....methadone blocks out the receptors that make you have that "high" feeling when you take pain killers. most people end up ODing when trying to take pain killers with methadone because they wonder why they aren't getting high and keep taking more and more pain killers not realizing that they wont get that high feeling.

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Yes, you can. If you do get pregnant while on methadone, do , PLEASE , PLEASE , not detox. At best it will be a shaky experience for you. At worst, you can end up having a miscarriage.

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If you are on methadone and are having a toothache you can contact your doctor for medicines that you can take. Orajel can be applied to the tooth to help relieve the pain.

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How strong is methadone compared to oxycodone?

Methadone is stronger than oxycodone by up to 5 to 8 times depending on individual differences. Methadone can be used for pain but the typical doses of methadone for narcotic withdrawal are less than would be used for pain. One word of caution, methadone has a longer withdrawal cycle than oxycodone and can last up to two weeks. If the intention is getting off the oxys I would suggest suboxone. Getting off of methadone can be much more difficult than getting off oxys. Having said that, Methadone can work quite well for people with chronic IBS where other anti-diarrheals do not work. Methadone can turn into a life long maintenance, so you should very carefully weigh the alternatives, and if the only alternative is Methadone, then God help you and best of luck. If there are any other alternatives other than methadone, try that first. Methadone should only be the very last resort. Methadone will not provide the long term euphoria that oxys provide. So if the intent is recreational use, you will soon lose the euphoric feeling but still experience withdrawals which by many accounts is far worse than oxys. Methadone is not well suited for recreational use, so if that is the root of the question, do not take it, or you will be sorry. If it is the last resort, it can be a life saver.