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Eddie didn't have food poisoning, he lied to get out of the fight. I had food poisoning, and it wasn't like what Eddie looked like. I could leave the bathroom for several hours and could even hold down water, I was nowhere near as willing to do anything for a day or so, he recovered in less than an hour and did a crapy acting job on the whole show. he was gay It's just a storyline, Eddie lied that he got food poisoning to get out of the tag team match so Batista could get worn down before his match of World Heavyweight Championship with Eddie. Then Eddie was cared by a hot nurse, he asked her to massage his lower stomach (close to his goodie) and enjoyed it. So Batista found this Dr.Barnette who's gay and Barnette screwed Eddie the gay way. It's just a storyline though everyone. Eddie wasn't really screwed by Barnette and the nurse didn't get sexually harrassed by Eddie either.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-07 07:22:02
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Q: What's the deal with Dr Barnette from last week's Smackdown who was scaring Eddie Guerrero?
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