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Siberian hamsters can be also known as "Russian winter white dwarf hamsters". Since they are a dwarf breed, they will live shorter than the Russian hamster. 11/2 - 21/2 years.

Russian hamsters (not dwarf) are twice as large as dwarf Siberian Hamsters. They live 1 - 31/2 years. There are many different breeds of Russian Hamsters.

*See related links below for tons of more information about hamsters.

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Q: What's the difference between a Siberian hamster and a Russian hamster?
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What is the species of a short hair hamster?

The species of short hair hamsters are the siberian, the djungarian, the robvorosky's, the chinese, the Russian, and the syrian.

What is Hamster in Russian?

Russian dwarf hamster

What type of hamsters are they?

look it up.these are the basic kinds:Syrian Hamster - Probably the most common type of hamster, this includes golden hamsters, fancy hamsters, standard hamsters, and teddybear hamsters.Russian Dwarf Hamster - These are divided into two types, the Dwarf Cambells Russian and the Siberian or Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster.Chinese Hamster - Sometimes referred to as "rat-like" hamsters, this is one of the smallest breeds of hamster, and less common than the Russian Hamsters.Roborovski Hamster - This is the smallest type of hamster and also the least common.

Is there such thing as a Siberian hamster?

Yes, this is a type of hamster.

How can you tell the difference between a winter white and a Russian Campbell dwarf hamster?

The winter dwarf hamster and the Russian dwarf have a slight of a different color, and in the winter the winter white dwarf turns white. The winter white has a brownish color to it, but a Russian dwarf is a grayish white color.

What is the difference between a dwarf hamster and a Chinese dwarf hamster?

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What is the lifespan of a Siberian hamster?

The average lifespan of the Siberian Hamster is 1½-2 years although they can live longer.

What is the first aid when a child bite a Siberian hamster?

The same as any other treatment for an injured Siberian hamster.

What is the difference between a fancy dwarf hamster and a Russian dwarf hamster?

There is no difference. Pet shops give them fancy names to make them sound special/exclusive, it makes people pay more. There are 3 kinds of dwarf hamster. Roborovski dwarf Winter white Russian Campbell There is also a Chinese Dwarf Hamster but they are not a true dwarf hamster (genetically speaking) I'd advise you to go to a hamster breeder, they know more what they are doing, or even better, a rescue. Good luck.

How can you tell the difference between a teddy bear hamstersyrian hamsterand Russian dwarf hamsters?

A teddy bear hamster is a type of syrian hamster and can be identified usually by their golden fur. Russian dwarf hamsters are much smaller than syrian hamsters so it is easy to tell them apart

What is the difference between a short haired hamster and a teddy bear hamster?

There is no such thing as a teddy bear hamster. They are called syrians. There are short-haired and long-haired syrians. There is no significant difference, the same way there is no significant difference between brunettes and red-heads.

Are Russian hamsters dwarfs?

Yes they are. They are called Russian Dwarf Hamsters, Campbell's Dwarf Hamster, and Campbell's Russian Dwarf Hamster.

What is the difference between a robo hamster and a hamster?

No difference- a robo hamster IS a hamster!

How do you you tell the difference between a girl hamster or a boy hamster?

Boys have a yellow dot in the middle of their tummy.

What hamster breads are there?

Golden Hamsters Chinese Hamster Roborovski Hamsters Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamsters The Dwarf Campbell's Russian Hamster

What is the difference between the male and female hamster?

la cola

What is the difference between a squirrel and a hamster?

well a squirrel has a big puffy tail and a hamster has a tail (depending on which type you get)

How long does a Siberian hamster live?

About 2-5 years

Is the Syrian hamster a dwarf hamster?

No. There is a notable size distinction between the Syrian Hamster (5-7" long) and the dwarf hamsters (Chinese, Russian, Roborovski), which are rarely longer than 4".

How old was the oldest Russian Hamster?

My hamster is 3 its still alive

How can tell the difference between a boy and a girl baby hamster?

by kissing their but

Are all Russian Hamsters dwarf hamsters?

A hamster can be Russian and not a dwarf, for example the European Hamster can be found in Russia, but it is certainly not a dwarf species. However the 'Russian Dwarf' hamster is a specific species that is considered a dwarf variety.

How do you pronounce hamster in Russian?


What are some of the types of hamsters?

I can name three hamsters. There is the Russian hamster, the Dwarf hamster, and the Chinese hamster.

What is the Siberian hamster natural habitat?

They originate from the desert areas of Asia.