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AnswersThe difference between a Rat Terrier and A Jack Russell Terrier is that they are two separate breeds. Jack Russells are usually heavier in build than Rat Terriers, longer in body and shorter in leg.. The head of a Rat Terrier is also more often than not more rounded than that of a Jack Russell..... Their are also various other differences between the two breeds, JRT's can be sooth or wired coated while the RT is only smooth coated.

The Rat Terrier comes in 4 sizes, Toy under 10lbs, Mini up to 13inches at the withers, Standard 14-18inches at the withers, and Decker Giants, or Decker Line.

The Decker Line was bred from the largest Rat Terriers with THE best hunting instincts that could be found till they could reach 50lbs and exceptional large game dogs.

Rat Terriers have 3 ear types, erect, tipped, and button. They also come in a myriad of colors and dilutions from the basic white/black/tan patched traditional, to blue, apricot, lemon, chocolate, and pearl (Isabella in other breeds).

They were bred to hunt down and kill farm rats, mice, and other farm/estate vermin which they do well, usually by instinct rather than training.

The Rat Terrier is a smooth coated breed with no "wire" thickness to it like the Parson (Jack) Russell though it will show some waviness in that smooth. Their body is more square, equal leg length to body length. The Russell is shorter legged with a wider body length. Depending on their location, local breeders of will breed towards different body types.

We have the West Coast look which is wider, thick bodied with dense bone. The East Coast look is leaner, lighter boned with a more defined abdominal "tuck" than its western counterpart.

Personalities in Rat Terriers are different as well. The majority are easy to be with and calm with their families. There are the "spastic" ones, but this is a small percentage compared to the number who have made exceptional companion dogs, house dogs, family dogs, farm protectors, squirrel/rabbit dogs, kid's pets, and company to the elderly.

Rat Terriers are presently in the AKC FSS.

This is the American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Service.

This service registers verified purebreds of a given breed, compiles a list of breeding dogs, and when it is proven they do stand alone as a breed without crossbreeding with any other breed, certify that breed

for full AKC Registration.

They are also registered with the

UKC - United Kennel Club and the

UKCI - Universal Kennel Club International

NRTR - National Rat terrier Registry

ARTC - American Rat terrier Club

RTCA - Rat Terrier Club of America

CKC - Continental Kennel Club

The public is allowed to edit and improve articles. But, sometimes childish sorts add spam-like additions which tend to be foolish, useless, usually insulting, and misspelled. I just removed one where the writer said I was "stooped" though I am quite sure in translation they meant "stupid."

That person has a right to their opinion just as I do, and I recommend they get off their mother's computer and get to bed. It's a school night.

As the author of this piece I wanted to update and state Rat Terriers have been accepted into the AKC Terrier section and now are fully an AKC breed. Outstanding!!!
A rat terrier just has skin instead of fur and they are about the size of a Chihuahua. A fox terrier is a medium size dog but with fur that sheds a lot. I know because I own a fox terrier. they also have lots of energy too! good luck finding the perfect dog!

Whoever put this has no clue what they are talking about. Rat Terriers DO have fur, and they have a much different personality then Fox Terriers. Rat terriers are usually smaller, and for that reason were bred for hunting Rats, while the Fox Terrier was bred for hunting Foxes. As far as structure goes, they look alot alike, one thing though is that some Rat terriers have ears that are down (like a jack Russel) but ALL purebred Fox Terriers have erect ears. Personality wise, RT's tend to have a split personality, they can be energetic and they can be calm and snuggle bugs the next moment, they tend to have an extreme desire to please their owners and will adapt to almost any type of lifestyle to do so. Fox terriers tend to have more of that "terrier personality" and can be much more energetic nearly all the time. Colors of the coat vary a bit in that rat terriers usually have some "spotting" in their white coat, (it kind of looks like freckles.) anyway, Rat Terriers are amazing. I've got one. Fox Terrier are still neat. just not my choice.

but please realize RAT TERRIERS ARE NOT HAIRLESS. that's just silly.

^^ The above improvement is correct. There are versions of hairless rat terriers, but they are called "American Hairless Terriers. Also, Toy Fox Terriers don't generally have ticking in their fur, so if your "fox terrier" has a lot of ticking, it just may be a rattie!

^^ Also, it is important to remember that there is a difference between a Fox Terrier, and a TOY Fox terrier! According to the AKC, a TOY fox is smaller than what is allowed in a Rat Terrier. Also, the AKC Allows for some ticking in FTF's but not down the legs. Your best bet when reserching dogs, is to check out what the AKC, UKC and other kennel clubs have to say about the breed standards, and then do some reserch about the breeds from people that own them.... For example, I foster Toy Fox Terriers and they shed a lot LESS than my black lab ever did! Also, they can be playfull, but basicaly they just want you to sit down, so they can snuggle with you! Also, they are VERY smart! They have me well trained!

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Q: What's the difference between a rat terrier and a Jack Russell terrier?
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