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Whether you have had sex or not you are still cheating and an affair is the same thing and just a nicer way of saying it! When in doubt put yourself in your mate's shoes and see how you would like it if she/he was seeing someone, but not having sex (and I doubt that!)

People who cheat are selfish and egotistical not to mention pathetic. If they don't love their wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend they can split-up, but a cheater wants it all. Why? Because they love "the chase" and sneaking around. Some even hope they get caught! Cheaters usually have low self confidence and need to be stroked constantly and told they are handsome, pretty, etc. Deep inside they feel if it doesn't work out with the person they are cheating with they always have their good old comfy mate to go back to. It's a sick and cruel thing to do to someone you had once told you loved. If you don't love them, have the courage to tell them and move on (even if children are involved.) I've never seen a cheater yet that didn't pay dearly from their actions.

Make up your mind as to what person you want to be with. If you don't you could end up losing both.


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Q: What's the difference between an affair and cheating and which is it if you talk on the phone and have done almost everything but have sex and this has been going on for a few years now?
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Is it cheating if your wife has an affair with another woman behind your back?

Of course. Apart from her not getting pregnant, what is the difference?

Was there an affair at all between Bam or Missy Margera with either him cheating on her or her cheating on him?

actually yes, the both cheated on each other

What is the difference between married man having affairs with another married woman to a single woman?

Cheating is cheating no matter if the woman is married or single. The only difference is the man involved feels he can have a wild affair with a married woman without commitment because she will most likely stay with her spouse and the man cheating will stay with his spouse, but if he should have an affair with a single woman she may want him to leave his wife and commit to her.

What does it mean when your wife is always accusing you of cheating?

Then she believes that you are not treating her as well as you should and that she asumes that your cheating on her by having an affair with someone else behind her back. Cheating is wrong. Chose one girl. Or everything will go down hill for you.

Did Robert and Kristen meet after cheating affair?


What is the story behind kim cheating on eminem?

she had affair?

Is Sexting considered to be cheating in a marriage?

Well anything that is done with a person that is not your wife is considered cheating. So, yes sexting is considered cheating if its not your wife your sexting! What is the difference between having an emotional affair an sexting? What is the difference between going online or on the phone and talking to call girls? It is still emotional satisfaction. It's called sex addiction. I your wife isn't good enough to talk dirty too, or dress up and be sexy for you, but if you are getting that satisfaction from sexting with someone/thing else. you are cheating.

What is the difference between external affair minister and foreign minister?

both are same

Why did you have an affair with your husbands cousin?

Only you hold the key to why you had an affair with your husband's cousin. It's called cheating for one.

How do you break up with a cheating spouse?

Get affair transfers or get divorce simple

Do a married men thinks that they are not having an affair if all they do is making out without sex?

Opinion: Most men only count sexual intercourse as cheating, so it's very possible they might not believe they are having and affair.Opinion: Many married men, including my husband, don' think and believe that making out, touching each others, exchanging saliva from kissing each other is an affair. To them, feeling the woman through intercourse counts as cheating, but kissing and touching them isn't. In the eyes of God, when a man kisses a woman who is not his wife, he is already committing adultery. When a man takes out a woman who is not his wife, he is already cheating. When a man pursue a woman with everything he got, that is also cheating. Keep in mind, the same goes for girls and cheating by the way. Everything romantic with someone not your spouse is counted as an affair.

Can a man unmarried man love a married women he is having affair with?

no that is called cheating

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