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there is not much difference between the two, moast mechanic shops and potential employers prefer a specialist, it is allways good to have many skills but you will earn more as an emplyee if you specialize in one or the other along with a specific type of car or motorcycle

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Q: What's the difference between motorcycle and auto mechanics - if you become an auto mechanic can you handle both?
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What colleges offer mechanic training?

There are a lot of schools that offers mechanic training. It depends on which type of mechanic someone wants to become. As I've seen in many pages, mechanics can be divided between: * avionics * marine * automotive * motorcycle * diesel / truck

Motorcycle Mechanic School?

If you are truly passionate about motorcycles and would like to make a career out of repairing or improving them, you might want to consider the possibilities that a good motorcycle mechanic school could provide you. Motorcycle mechanics are able to make a well-paying career centered around servicing motorcycles along with other small engine machinery. Finding the right school in which to hone your craft can appear to be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be if some simple guidelines are followed. The typical motorcycle mechanic program is usually offered through a regular college/university or through a technical institution that specializes in engine repair of some kind. It usually takes 1-2 years to get your associates degree in motorcycle repair, which is the degree most sought after by people hiring motorcycle mechanics. Although preferred, a degree is not necessary to work in the field of motorcycle mechanics. A typical motorcycle mechanic degree is going to take six months up to two years to complete depending on the amount of classwork that can be handled by the student. When you enroll in motorcycle mechanic school, you will learn the techniques and methods used by trained, skilled mechanics to fix motorcycle engines as well as other electrical equipment involved in the functioning of a motorcycle. Before searching for a motorcycle mechanic school, it is important to know which brand of bike you would like to service. Mechanic students can specialize in repairing Harley-Davidson, BMW, or Honda motorcycles. The reason that a brand specification is necessary is due to the integral parts that are involved with each make and model of bike. A skilled technician has to be able to decipher the difference between the parts involved in the manufacturing of all three. Some of the top schools to attend if you are looking to get into motorcycle mechanics are: Western Michigan University, Kansas State, Milwaukee Area Tech, and Penn Foster Career School. It might also be worth a quick trip to your local community college to see if they offer some kind of certification program for motorcycle mechanics, as there are many community colleges who do make these types of courses available. Once the degree program is complete, the newly-appointed motorcycle mechanic will be able to work as either an independent contractor or for someone else at a bike repair shop. Many motorcycle mechanics with multiple years of experience eventually choose to open their own repair shop.

What is the difference between a motorcycle permit and a motorcycle permit?

No difference

Motorcycle mechanic wages?

The average motorcycle mechanic wage falls between $24,000 to $36,000. Pay depends on educational background and professional development also.

What is the difference between bicycle and motorcycle?

A motorcycle has a motor and no pedals

What is the difference between a motorcycle club and a motorcycle organization?

A motorcycle club is just only a part of a motorcycle organization.

What is the difference between applied mechanics and engineering mechanics?

Both are Same, Applied Mechanics is commonly referred to as engineering mechanics

What is the difference between quantum mechanics and classical mechanics?

classical mechanics deals with very large particles but in quantum mechanics very minute particles.

What could I earn as a mechanic at a certified Harley motorcycle repair shop?

The pay will range heavily depending on your specialty and if you are a master mechanic or not. You can expect to earn between 40,000.00 and 70.000 per year as a harley mechanic.

Why is a bobber motorcycle different from a regular motorcycle?

The main difference between a bobber motorcycle and a regular motorcycle is that the first one has been modified or "bobbed". It usually has no front fender.

What is the difference between an engineer and a mechanic?

An engineer designs it, a mechanic builds it or repairs it. I agree, an engineer designs, a mechanic repairs.

What is the difference between flintlock and percussion musket?

The mechanics of igniting the primary charge

Difference between newtonian mechanics and quantum mechanics?

Energy and momentum are quantized. They can only take on discrete values. There are some other differences too. :)

What is the difference between kinesiology and biomechanics?

boimechanics is the scientific study of the role of mechanics in biological system and kinesiology is the study of the mechanics and anatomy of human muscle.

What is the Difference between a mechanic's lien and an artisan's lien?

Artisans lien is against personal property and is possessory. Mechanic's lien relates to real property.

How much do airplane mechanics get paid?

South Florida A & P Mechanic with 5 years experience makes between $17 and $21 an hour.

What is the difference between snowmobile and motorcycle helmets?

A motorcycle helmet must meet DOT gauges to be legitimate for the street, a snowmobile head protector does not.

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The main difference between Rusty-James and Motorcycle Boy that Steve claim is what they think.

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Orbit is a concept from celestial mechanics and astronomy.Orbital is a concept from quantum mechanics, spectrometry, and chemistry.

What is the difference between a motorcycle and an automobile in California?

one has to or three wheels and the other has four

What is the difference between a motorcycle club charter and chapter?

Charter basically means being under the guidance of the American Motorcyclist Association. A chapter is a motorcycle community in a certain place.Read more

how much do body shop mechanics make?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average salary for a body shop mechanic is between $13 and $23 per hour.

What describes the difference between the mechanics of airplane flight and rocket flight?

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What is the difference between and HVAC mechanic and an HVAC technician?

hvac mechanic probally works on autos hvac tech work on residential or commecial units.