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Not sure about the Corolla S, but the catchy song used in the 2005 summer tv and radio spots was a Curtis Mayfield song callled "Move on Up." It's also sampled in Kanye West's current rap song.

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Toyota Corolla mpg?

My 1999 corolla gets 35 on the highway, about 27 around town.

Where is the MAF sensor for the 1999 Toyota Corolla?

the 1999 Toyota corolla does not use a maf but it uses a MAP sensor located somewhere around the intke manifold

Which company produces the Corolla GTI?

The company that produces the Corolla GTI is Toyota. Toyota has been around for many years and is used a lot in the United States. Toyota is a fortune 500 company.

How much is the cost to replace struts on a Toyota corolla?

around $500

The cost to replace engine for Toyota Corolla?

The cost to replace an engine for Toyota Corolla is around $1,500. The exact price will depend upon how much labor is going to cost.

Maximum mileage for a 2003 Toyota Corolla?

I think around 300,000 miles

Why is there water in the trunk of your 1989 Toyota Corolla?

Bad seal around trunk

What is the average cost to paint a 2000 Toyota Corolla?

The average cost to paint a 2000 Toyota Corolla will depend on the shop you go to. Most places charge around $1,600, average.

What should one look for when buying a used Toyota Corolla?

If you are in the market for a used Toyota Corolla you would first want to check out ebay motors and see what they have available. You might also call around to your local car dealerships to see if they can help locate a used Toyota Corolla.

What is a 1986 Toyota Corolla worth?

Around $1200 registered and running with 200k+ kilometers

How do you hotwire a 1996 Toyota Corolla?

Shove your finger in your butthole and then twist it around 5-or-so times.

Where is the transmission fill plug on 2001 Toyota corolla?

Driver's side the one with 18 screws around it.

What is the engine oil capacity on a 1992 Toyota Corolla?

The capacity should be around 4.5 to 5 quarts of oil.

How much for starter 1998 Toyota Corolla?

A rebuilt starter is around 150 dollars with out labor. Do a google search.

How many horsepower does cold air intake add to 1.8 Toyota corolla?

probably around 2-4hp..

How much does it cost to replace water pump on 1996 corolla?

Around $450 (parts included) in Toyota dealership

How many gallons does a 2001 Toyota Corolla hold?

I do believe the gas tank size on a 2001 Corolla is 13.2 gallons. the gas light usually comes on around 10.5 gallons

Which was the maximum speed of Toyota Corolla 4-cylinder 65HP 1974?

if im not mistaking it was around 90mph/ 120km

What is motor number of a Toyota Corolla?

There are hundreds of variants. The Corolla has been around for a long time. The engine in a 1982 Corolla Tercel was 3AC-4. Agreed. Many different engines. A 2006LE has a 1ZZ FE. 2012 models have the 1.8liter 2RZ FAE

What are some possible causes of engine vibration especially at idle in a Toyota Corolla GTS?

Possibly an umbrella wrapped around the flywheel?

How much to replace front brake pad and rotors on a 2006 Toyota Corolla?

Depending on the pads, around $150 for front or rear, and depending on the car, around $250 for the rotors.

How do you turn furniture around on Sims?

by dragging it around

How do you adjust the side mirrors of a 1993 Toyota Corolla?

I think on that one you just use your finger to push the edges of the mirror around until its where you need it.

How much will it cost to repair a clutch in a 1985 Toyota corolla?

Varies from shop to shop, Ive been quoted around $900 parts and labor.

How do you get the engine codes for a 2001 Toyota Corolla?

it requires an obdII scan tool. some big part stores provide this service for free. call around!