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My 1992 Dodge Shadow has had a little tune up and it runs about a 10.3 without a turbo. It is packin' a 2.5 Fuel Injection Mopar at its finest. I hope that adds confidence to you other dodge shadow owner/drivers. I beat this dude named Emanuel, he has a Honda Civic and it runs about a 12 withouta turbo .

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Whats the time 0-60 for a 94 Shadow?

My 1990 Dodge Shadow ES runs 6 second flat T1.

Whats the timing marks on a 1990 dodge shadow?

on bell housing of trans where engine&trans atatch

Whats the firing order for a 1997 dodge Dakota 6 cylinder?

The firing order for all Dodge V6 truck engines is 1-6-5-4-3-2. All Dodge distributors rotate clockwise.

Whats the front speaker size in a 1988 Dodge Shadow ES?

5.25" - I have one of these cars and want to replace the front speakers too. The backs are 5x7s.

Whats wrong 1991 dodge dynasty starts then dies?

what is a controller in 2.5 motor in a dodge

Whats the difference between a dodge Laramie and a dodge ram?

Basically the difference is that the Dodge Ram Laramie has better style then the normal Dodge Ram.

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Dodge Dakota 1993 looses power pulling trailer up hill whats wrong?

dodge Dakota 1993 looses power pulling trailer up hills, whats wrong?

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1974 dodge dart window repair?

which window?, and whats wrong with it?

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What the correct timing mark for a 1990 dodge ram 318?

whats the correct timing mark for a 1990 dodge ram pickup 318

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