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You could be pregnant. See your doctor right away because being on Lexapro can cause birth defects or miscarriage.

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its not her period, there is a layer of skin in the vagina that you break through when you have sex. that is whats bleeding. it will stop.

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Whats wrong bleeding from rectum with back and abdominal cramps?

Not a pregnancy symptom, go to the doctor

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Pain and bleeding at 14 weeks whats happing to me?

You need to call your doctor or midwife, to see if they want you to be evaluated. Depending on the amount of bleeding and the severity of the pain, you could be having a miscarriage or you could be having placenta issues. Bleeding and cramping in the second trimester is not normal.

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You had a 3 day period then you spot 3 day can you be pregnant?

If your periods are regular then you might be preggy. or whom ever your talking about. but if not reg then you might just be having a really light period. Periods last 3-7 days so whats happening to could be just fine. If your still worried the grab a clear blue preggy test best on the market nowa days best wishes gurlie

Irregular periods missed periods hot flashes memory loss age 46 tubal litigation 16 years ago whats up?

Sounds like Menopause. Go see your doctor and take tests.

Whats wrong if you have stopped your periods?

could be diet, stress, other medical reasons, being pregnant, go c ur doc,

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