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I suggest you see a Dentist who has experience with TMD; Temporal Mandibular Disease. I have it, and it sure sounds like you do as well. No, it is not serious, but it sure can be a pain in the ....jaw....Do you also grind your teeth while you sleep? That is called Bruxism (do a Google on these terms if you want more onfo, or hit WebMD.) Neither is life threatening or really serious mostly. You may be asked to wear a device called a "splint" for a while.It's not painful and worked for me for years. Do NOT let anyone talk you into surgery for this until you have exhausted EVERY other way to deal with it! Surgery for this is absolutely the last resort on the planet, most of the time. Good luck to you, and try to relax more. Look into meditation........

yah this just happened to me and my dentist said to give it time and if it doesnt improve for a few hours then see a doctor

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Q: What's wrong if your jaw pops easily when it moves and makes squeaky sounds and feels like it locks and you can barley open it and it hurts when you do open it and you can't chew solids?
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