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What's wrong with my 94 cutlass supreme that has a new battery alternator starter and how do you fix this Help?

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2007-01-15 11:30:48

This is a prime example of what to NOT do when attempting to

troubleshoot automobile problems. Now you have a vehicle with a

bunch of new parts that were probably not bad in the first place.

Remember that every time you replace a part you run the risk of

intoducing new problems. If the vehicle didn't work and you replace

a part but don't connect one wire, you won't really notice anything

different because it wasn't working already. Then, you keep going

and replace a bunch of other parts. It's very possible that you

have already replaced the faulty part but you'll never know it

because something that you did early on is still connected wrong

and you have moved on since after all, that's a new part. To

efficiently troubleshoot a vehicle problem, you need to track down

the problem one step at a time until you know what's wrong. Notice

that your description of the problem talks about the parts that you

have replaced. No mention is made regarding how the vehicle is

operating, what you have checked, what it does, what it doesn't do

at all and what it doesn't do right. If you aren't getting fuel,

don't replace the coil. If the battery isn't getting recharged by

the alternator, don't replace the battery. Try to figure out where

the flaw is by isolating each part, if necessary, test parts, but

don't replace things until you're almost CERTAIN that it's bad.

AMEN !!!!! j3h.

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