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Sounds like your dog has or had some abscesses that have ruptured you should consult your vet ASAP... Especially since you said he/she has had to have teeth removed in the past.... the infection could be spreading getting him on antibiotics as soon as possible may be the best course of action {if the infection gets into the blood stream it can be fatal}.... Again consult with your vet...... * Your poor dog! You have a pretty bad vet. I suggest you change. I had a mixed poodle x terrier (standard sized) and she had 9 teeth pulled and she had no problems, but was put on antibiotics. It appears (just like humans) your dog should have been given antibiotics before the tooth pulling or certainly after. Your dog must be in a great deal of pain and should see a vet immediately. Antibiotics are definitely in order. Please let us know how your pooch is doing after you see ANOTHER vet. Good luck Marcy * This sounds potentially very serious. My last dog developed a tooth abscess which I and the vet missed. I won't go into details, its absolutely too terrible, will only say he died. Get urgent treatment from a better vet vw27

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Q: What's wrong with your 10-year-old shepard-lab mix who had dental work 6 months ago and they removed 12 teeth and her breath has become REALLY bad and she has a green discharge coming from her mouth?
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