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Q: What are the advantages of talc-free eyeshadow palette?
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Where can you buy a rainbow eyeshadow set? the rainbow 88 eyeshadow palette.

In this youtube video ylqbzQYKIs0 where can I find that eyeshadow palette?

the palette she is using is coastal scents 88 original palette which you can purchase from there website

Are the coastal scents 88 matte palette used for eye shadow?

Yes, the Coastal Scents 88 matte palette is used for eyeshadow. You can still put eyeshadow anywhere on your face! It doesn't have to be on your eyes! (i.e. I saw a person with eyeshadow on her lips!) Hope this helped!

Where can one purchase a MAC eyeshadow palette?

You can purchase a MAC eyeshadow pallete online. Highly pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well. Create a customized palette of shades. Fits into Pro Palette case for easy storage and transport. Cost $11.50.

What are some good eyeshadow pallet?

Some good eyeshadow pallets are: Bare Esscentuals - the playlist eyeshadow palette, Tarino Tarantino jewel eyeshadow palattes, The Balm cast, The Balm Nude, Wet and Wild comfort zones, Urban Decay, Chanel Topkapi, Inglot eyeshadow, Le Metier de Beaute.

Suggestions for a large good high street eyeshadow palette?

MUA do good ones and also sleek makeup.

What is a good eyeshadow pallet that i can get off of eBay with 88 or more colours?

The Coastal Scents 88 palette is a great palette that you can easily find on eBay. I own the 88 neutral palette and I love it! It really is a great value..and the color's are very pigmented. :)

How much money does it cost to buy the coastal sents 144 eyeshadow palette matte?

theres no 144.. but theres an 88 which is 18.95 for the originaL

Does la colors test cosmetics on animals?

I think it depends on the product, my lip gloss (L.A. Colors Moisturizing Lipgloss) has a cruelty free sticker on it, but my eyeshadow (L.A. Colors 5 Colors Metallic Eyeshadow palette BES431 "Darling") Does not.

How much does Mac cosmetics cost in Canada?

it depend what are you buying but mac cosmetics is really expensive because it is good quality all i know the eyeshadow is 20$ & the eyeshadow pan to refull your palette cost around 14 or 15$ im not sure

Have you bought the 17.99 88 eyeshadow palette with free shipping from golden faces cosmetics before?

YES! I got the 88 warm palette and the 9 piece brush set and love them both! I'm going to be doing a tutorial on a look I did with the 88 warm palette. They shipped fast and I got free shipping. But I think it may be a limited time only for free shipping!

Who has the best 88 color eyeshadow palette?

I've only tried Coastal Scents and Bh Cosmetics, but I like Coastal Scents better. They come from the same company, I think, but Bh Cosmetics' palette seems a lot more powdery. That also equals more fallout. Hope this helps!

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