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Q: What are the characteristics of maize plant flowers?
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Does maize plants have flowers?

Yes maize plants have flowers. The male flowers are present at the top of the plant in the form of a tassel and female flowers in the axil of leaf forming the cob.

Why is Maize plant as Monoecious.?

Because it has both male and female flowers on the same plant.

Why maize plant is described as monoecious?

Because it has both male and female flowers on the same plant.

What are some characteristics of a short plant with flowers?

short with flowers

Is Maize a CAM plant?

No, maize is a C4 plant.

Is maize flower unisexual or bisexual?

maize flower is unisexual. The male flowers are produced on the tassel and female flowers in the cob.

What is the scientific name for maize plant?

Zea maize

What type of plant is young maize plant?

Maize plant is a monocot belonging to grass family. It is C4 plant metabolically.

What are the physical characteristics of the skullcap plant?

The plant's name refers to the helmet-shaped calyx on the outer whorl of the plant's tiny flowers. The flowers range in color from blue to pink.

What type of flowering plant is maize?

Maize, or corn, is a grass. Grasses are monocots that have relatively small flowers that are difficult to notice, but they're there. The scientific name is Zea mays and it is in the grass family, Poaceae.

Is maize a water plant?

Maize is another name for corn.

Is maize plant a flowering plant?

Maize or corn is a monocotyledonous flowering plant. At the top of the stalk is the tassel which represents the cluster of male flowers. The female part is the "cob" that emerges from the axil of a leaf. Maize actually produces ears of corn. The ear consists of the grains of corn attached to the cob, the silk that transfers the pollen to the grains and the shuck that protects the rest of the ear.

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