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Q: What are the most common dental problems?
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Related questions

What are the most common dental diseases?

gum disease

What is the most common cause of pulpitis?

dental caries

An abscessed tooth is?

the most common dental emergency

What are some common Dental Appliances?

The most common dental appliances are bridges and dentures. You could also call crowns and cosmetic bonding a dental appliance. Implants would be as well.

Where can one read about dental implants problems?

Dental implant problems can be read about through many sources. The BBC has published a study from the British Dental Jounal outlining many problems arising from dental implants.

What was the most common form of surgery during the middle ages?


What is the most common disease in man?

Dental Caries or also known as cavities

What is dental trauma?

Dental trauma is injury to the mouth, including teeth, lips, gums, tongue, and jawbones. The most common dental trauma is a broken or lost tooth.

Why most bulimics eventually develop dental problems?

Because puke dissolves tooth enamel.

What is the most common diseas?

Cancer and Heart disease are the most common. <><><> Tooth decay (dental caries) is also considered a disease, and is the most widespread.

What is the most common problem of a computer?

The user is the most common problem and most common cause of other problems.

What is the cause of most common dental problems?

Acid, which can erode your teeth and leads to cavities and can loosen your teeth. Not brushing, which leads to a massive build up of bacteria which can give you Gum Disease.

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