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Q: What are the simple teneses of verbs?
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Irregular verbs of simple future tense?

Except for the Modal Verbs, all irregular verbs form the Present Simple Tense in the same manner as the regular ones.

Are present past and future simple verbs?

Yes they are the simple tenses.

How do you use the simple tense verbs?

Were you there when it happens

How can you distinguish simple tense verbs from perfect tense verbs?

simple tense are those verbs that simply telling about the subject some ending in ed while the perfect tense of verbs are those telling about the subjects ending with ing form of the verb

What parts of speech can be included in a simple predicate?


Simple tense of verbs?

present, past and future

List of auxiliary verbs?

Simple Present:Simple Present: I am, he/she/it is, we/you/they are

Example of simple past?

The simple past of regular verbs is formed by verb + ed :The boys jumped in the lake.The simple past of irregular verbs depends on the verb. To be is irregular. Compare:The boys are good. (Simple Present)The boys were good. (Simple Past)

How do you form the past tense of regular and irregular verbs?

To form the past tense of regular verbs, -ed is added to the end of the word.For example, 'laugh' becomes 'laughed'.With regular verbs, the simple past tense and the past participle forms are the same.Irregular verbs aren't as simple. There is no simple way like there is with regular verbs but rather you have to just learn the list of irregular verbs.An example of an irregular verb is 'eat'.The simple past is 'ate' whilst the past participle is 'eaten'.

Simple predicate examples?

A simple predicate is always a verb, but sometimes not all the verbs in a sentence are the simple predicate.

What is the difference between and simple and compound verbs?

simple verb is singular but compound verb is formed from two verbs Exp:i was watching TV yesterdaywas watching is the compound verb

What is the simple past tense for irregular verbs?

You have to learn the past tense form of irregular verbs as there is no simple way of remembering them.Unlike regular verbs, which all end with -ed in the past tense, the past tense of irregular verbs are all different.For example, the past tense of sing is sang and not singed.

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