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Q: What can of metal in B4-ZAP?
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What Are All The Types Of Metal Music?

Heavy Metal Thrash Metal Progressive Metal Death Metal Doom Metal Gothic Metal Neo-classical metal Melodic Death Metal Power Metal Symphonic Metal Alternative Metal Black Metal

What is a good title for a science fair board about teeth?

"How do teeth respond to heavy metal music?" "How do teeth respond to heavy metal metal?" "How do metal respond heavy metal metal metal?" "How Heavy do metal metal metal metal metal?" "Heavy do metal metal heavy metal teeth metal?" "How do teeth respond to acid/alkali?"

Is K2O a metal or non metal?


What types of metal is there in music?

Alternative metal Avant-garde metal/Experimental metal Black metal Christian metal Crust punk Death metal ---Technical Death metal ---Melodic Death metal Doom metal ---Funeral doom ---Drone metal Extreme metal (also describes Death metal, black metal, doom metal, and some thrash metal collectively) Folk metal Glam metal Gothic metal Grindcore Groove metal Industrial metal Metalcore ---Deathcore ---"Nintendocore" Neo-classical metal/Shred Nu metal Power metal Post-metal Progressive metal ---Djent Rap metal Speed metal Stoner metal Symphonic metal Thrash metal Traditional heavy metal Viking metal Note that any of these genres can be fused in any way imaginable. In fact, that is how some types came to be, like djent, which is a fusion of progressive metal, metalcore, groove metal, technical death metal, and experimental metal.

Is rubber a metal or non metal?


Kinds of metal?

Heavy metal is as varied as rock music and have many differences and similarities. It has branched out after the original heavy metal movement. I won't add any examples of bands that play the style but it started with traditional heavy metal. :Holds breath: speed metal, thrash metal, death metal, black metal, progressive metal, doom metal, sludge metal, gothic metal, symphonic metal, power metal, glam metal, folk metal, rap metal, funk metal, avant-garde metal, groove metal, drone metal, post-metal, neo-classical metal, Latin metal, stoner metal, industrial metal, medieval metal, alternative metal, metalcore and nu-metal are all the types of metal and combinations and or variations of these genres pervade the genre.

Is a transition metal a metal non metal or a metalliod?


Is promethium a metal or non metal?

Promethium is a metal.

Is titanium a metal a nonmetal or semi metal?

It is a Metal

How many kind of metal musics?

power metal, death metal, black metal, hair metal, viking metal, love metal, speed, thrash, grind, math metal, doom,epic, progressive, nu metal, symphonic, industrial metal, gothic metal, metal core, alternative metal, rap metal, rock metal, death core, extreme metal, symphonic metal, 80's metal, trash metal. umm, that's all I've got from the top of my head but i :D

What is metal deposition?

It is when u deposit metal

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