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When would a multi agency coordination system be required

Which type of incident is typically handled within the first hour after resources arrive on scene and include vehicle fires and personal injuries

What is a factor that affects the control of an incident

Which type of incident requires multiple fire and patrol vehicles and is usually limited to one operational period

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Q: What does the author emphasize in paragraph 12 in I've Seen the Antarctic's Untouched Beauty?
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What beauty does zen emphasize?


What does the term 'virginal beauty' mean?

Clean, pristine, untouched, unsullied, timeless, naturally, awe-strikingly easy on the eyes.clean, untouched, it pretty much means the beauty of a virgin.

What type of beauty does Zen particularly values emphasize?


How can you describe the way Iceland looks?

No words can describe this unique and untouched island. It's beauty is like no other.

What is Beauty photography?

Beauty photography is a type of photography that is aimed at capturing the most beautiful side of a person's face, figure etc. This is done by taking pictures that emphasize the subject's best features and hide his or her faults.

What is 'bella mia' when translated from Italian to English?

"Beauty mine," "beauty of mine," and "my beautiful (one)" are English equivalents of the Italian phrase Bella mia. The possessive feminine singular adjective follows the feminine singular noun to emphasize the importance of the "beauty" to the speaker. The pronunciation will be "BEL-la MEE-a" in Italian.

What features did sculptors emphasize during the Republic in Rome Is it beauty youth or age?

Roman sculpture during the republic was portraiture (busts) which emphasised age and tis wisdom.

Which of the following would be a good clincher sentence for a description paragraph that begins with the topic sentence below?

The beauty of an autumn evening always leaves me speechless.

What is one important element of romantic literature?

Emphasize on passionate love

If An artist paints a picture of an untouched rural landscape. He emphasizes the scene's natural beauty because he feels that life in industrial cities is full of filth and ugliness. The artist described most likely represents which movement?

Romanticism. [APEX]

What are the 7 types of a paragraph and their example?

1.Narrative Paragraph- that narrates an incident or story e.g. My First Day in College,Most Memorable day. 2.Descriptive Paragraph- that describes an place,person or thing e.g A Clown,My Aim In Life. 3.Expository Paragraph- that explain things with facts e.g.Why parents are strict?,Benefits of computer. 4.Persuasive/ Argumentative Paragraph-that tries to convince a specific point of view e.g. Should Capital Punishment be Abolished?, Are Exams a true test of students Ability? 5.Process Paragraph-that gives a step by step logical procedure e.g How to quit a bad habit,how to make coffee. 6.Cause and Effect Paragraph-that gives the reason for some event ,phenomenon and its effect. it can be separately or both aspects in one topic e.g Stress leads to poor performance,Poverty and Crime. 7.Compare and Contrast Paragraph-that brings out the different aspects by comparison between the similarities and differences e.g. Physical beauty to Inner beauty,Indoor Games to Outdoor Games.

A paragraph of explanation on 'A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever' by John Keats?

The tone of the poem is calm and peaceful, a contemplation of nature and the beauty of nature. All of the things of beauty itemised in the poem are natural and not man-made. Keats was not a religious man and had a great fear of death and the passing of the seasons, but was a true naturist with a feel for the beauty of nature never surpassed by another poet. As the opening verses of a long work on the story of Endymion it has to set the scene for the tone of the whole story.

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