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What was Mandelas dream?

His dream was : "I dream of an Africa which is in peace with itself"

What was Nelson Mandella Dream?

his dream was to abolish slavery from south africa

What African leader envisioned the political unity of Africa?

Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana"Dynamic African leaders put their mark on the region during the early decades after independence. Men such as Kenya's Jomo Kenyatta, Ivory Coast's Felix Houphuët-Boigney, and Ghana's Kwame Nkrumah became powerful father figures who molded their new nations. President Nkrumah's vision for Africa was the most expansive. After helping to secure independence for Ghana in 1957, his ultimate aspiration was the political unity of Africa.While his dream was never realized, it set the stage for the founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) in 1963, which was renamed the African Union in 2002. The African Union (AU) is a continent-wide organization. Its main role has been to mediate disputes between neighbors.Certainly in the 1970s and 1980s it was a constant voice of opposition to South Africa's minority rule, and the AU intervened in some of the more violent independence movements in southern Africa." (Rowntree 172)Rowntree, Les, Martin Lewis, Marie Price, and William Wyckoff. Globalization and Diversity: Geography of a Changing World. 2nd ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2008. Print.

What did Arthur Miller want people to understand about the American Dream?

That some people were being fooled by the promise of the American Dream

What does it mean to dream your engement ring brakes?

The engagement ring is a symbol representing the relationship and promise of marriage. The dreamer's subconscious mind might have produced this dream to alert the dreamer that something is "broken" in the relationship, or that the promise is fragile.

What is the motto for the company of Busey Bank?

The company Busey Bank has a memorable motto for its business. That motto is the slogan, "your dream, our promise". The company Busey Bank has a motto based around fulfilling a person's dream with their financial expertise and promise.

What does Martin Luther King claim in his speech?

He has a dream for America and we will make it to the "Promise Land".

What does it mean when you dream about your deceased mother and in your dream shes angry with you?

The dream suggests that the dreamer feels some level of guilt related to the deceased; perhaps a promise unfulfilled or unfinished business that needs to be resolved.

Do you want to lick my foot?

YES! can I? do you promise not to get mad? thanx licking your foot is a dream come true

What does it mean to dream about an engagement ring?

This may be a wish-fulfillment dream, created by the dreamer's subconscious mind. It provides the dreamer with a much-desired event while in the security of sleep. > Alternatively, the dream might illustrate some other promise or commitment other than a promise to become married. For example, putting earnest money on a new home or a down-payment on a new car could be compared with the promise to become married because it anticipates a binding commitment.

What is the saddest music video ever?

Just a dream, by Carrie Underwood. I promise you, if you are soft souled, it will make you cry. It did for me.

What was george and Lennie dream in Of Mice and Men?

Their dream was to have land of their own. A small farm with cows, chickens and rabbits. That's why Lennie always talks about George's promise that he can tend to the rabbits.

What does it mean when I dream my husband is pregnant?

In Africa it is interpreted as two Things. First the one who had such dream will soon be pregnant or the Husband has impregnated someone.

What are synonyms for hope?

longing, dream, Utopia, ambition, aspiration, desire, expectancy, faith, fancy, optimism, promise, prospect, sanguineness

Who said this now is the time to make the real promise of democracy?

Dr. Martin Luther King Junior said this in the I Have a Dream Speech.

How do you say dream in African?

There is no language called "African." Africa is a huge continent with many languages. Perhaps you mean "Afrikaans," spoken in South Africa?

When will the dream act pass?

If Obama does keep his promise, the Dream Act will pass before the elections of 2012. If the Dream Act doesn't pass it's very likely that the president will not get the pro-immigrant and Hispanic vote, which are the most critical votes to win an election. Alternatively an immigration reform could pass instead of a Dream Act.

What are the names of all the sailor moon movies?

there is promise of the rose, hearts in ice, and black dream hole. i think there are more but I'm not sure.

What does George promise Lennie in Mice and Men?

George promises Lennie their very own land. Also depicts the American dream of owning land.

Why did slaves come to the land?

They came here for the American dream. Freedom! Seriously, have you looked at Africa lately?

What does it mean to dream of paper boots?

Paper boots would not provide any sort of protection for your feet. In this dream, the paper boots symbolize something that is likewise useless. It might be a poor contract or a promise from an unreliable person or a disappointing product.

When did martin Luther king jr achieve his dream?

i do not know but i know that he made a huge difference in Africa and the world

What are the movies of sailor moon?

Sailor Moon R: The Promise of the Rose Sailor Moon S: Hearts on Ice Sailor Moon SuperS: The Black Dream Hole

How many books are in the series of Philippa fisher's?

There are three "Phillipa fisher and the fairy godsister " phillipa fisher and the dream makers daughter " and "Phillipa fisher and the fairys promise "

What is the Meaning of egg in a dream?

Very generally, an egg might represent a possibility or opportunity. It suggests the promise of future life or fertility. It might also suggest prosperity.

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