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American Revolution

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7 Which sentence contains an action verb

How many british soldiers died in the Battle of Bunker Hill

A statement whose truth is accepted without proof

What did the sons of liberty do to protest the Stamp Act

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Declaration of Independence

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Where was the first meeting of the new congress held

When was the first permanent English colony established in America

How does the constitution protect states rights

In Virginia who did George Washington convince to support the Constitution who was later a key player in its creation

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American Revolution

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What state was the Battle of Yorktown fought in

The last important battle of the American Revolution was the

Who was a Polish general who volunteered to help the colonies and played a leading role at the Battle of Saratoga

The British General at the Battle of Yorktown was

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Q: What effect do you think this change had on the patriots?
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What effect do you think this change had on patriots?

to analze cause and efffect

What did patriots do?

to me pretty much i THINK patriots are the people from the war............ there were the red backs i think :L

What did the patriots think of the loyalists?

It is not a definite answer because it is a matter of opinion from the patriots.

Were the unmarried ladies of America loyalist or patriots?

to be sure i think they are patriots

What do you think the effect of a background color of a chameleon is?

Chameleons change color by temperature not the background. so,nothing it has no effect.

Why did the patriots think the loyalists were traitors?

The Patriots thought the Loyalists were traitors because they were loyal to the king and the Patriots disagreed.

What year did Boston patriots change to New England Patriots?

1971. In February the name was changed to Bay State Patriots, but after a month it was changed to New England Patriots.

Who was the patriots general in the Revolutionary War?

The patriots General was Harry in the Americans. I think :(

What do patriots hate loyalists?

because the patriots think that the loyalists are traitors to the colonists

What clue word best tells you that a cause is producing an effect?

The word I'd have to say is "change" or "different" for the cause is changing the situation. That's why I think it's called "cause and effect" because the effect is the effect of the change. Sorry if I sounded like a brainiac there....

What are the drugs and medicines that effect the brain and change how you perceive and think or feel?


How did life change for the loyalist and the patriots?

it change a lot lol

Who do you think will win the 2010 Super Bowl?

Well I think the super bowl will be the patriots vs saints and the patriots win it 21-17.

What effect does a change in soil composition have on an ecosystem?

well i think it water moving downhill

What was the biggest loss for the Patriots in the Revolutionary War?

I think that the patriots biggest loss was at the battle of Saratoga.

What did the Patriots think about the American Revolution?

The Patriots completely supported the American Revolution, while the Loyalists were against it.

Why did Patriots think of Native Americans as traitors?

the patriots thought of the native Americans as traitors because they sided with the British.

Why do you think American Indians might have supported the British rather than the Patriots?

because the the patriots killed indians

What disadvantages did the patriots face?

they fought i think

What year did the New England Patriots change their logo?

The Patriots went from the Minuteman Logo to Flying Elvis Logo in 1993.

What did Eleanor Roosevelt do to change history and how did it effect the future?

I think that's pretty obvious she was the first lady!

How did the Sydney Olympics in 2000 effect sport?

because it was in the 2000 year and every think was going to change

When did NE England Patriots change name?


Who do you think is going to win giants or patriots?

giants have to win. they won all the matches through. patriots might lose

Did the patriots fight the British?

yes, the patriots fought the British in the Revolutionary war. so don't think it was a loyalists or tories.