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an interruption in the progression of a story by an event from the past

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a point in a story where the past is looked back on

A section of the story that shows events from an earlier time

when i saw him. I remembered flashback of my life.

I just had a flashback on the day i fell into 100 bucks or that flashback was bad or haha ha i just had a flashback

The flashback was about when my dog died.

The whole story is a flashback; however, there are flashbacks inside of the whole flashback.

There is no flashback in 'The Masque of the Red Death'

Flashback Media Group was created in 1998.

"The man had a flashback of his past after watching the movie"

A flashback in a story is when the author starts to tell about something and it triggers a memory. The author will then tell readers what happened during the flashback memory.

A flashback is a memory from the past. Many stories have them and sometimes the stories are in the flashback.

Mike orcutt is why the flashback happened.

An example of flashback in The Outsiders is when the author describes how Johnny was beaten.

Flashback maps are maps from Gears of War 1

flashback of the tiger as a cub, watching his parents being stolen from him in Africa.

Flashback - video game - happened in 9801.

Flashback - video game - was created in 1992.

there is a flashback on page 77-78 about him as a child trying to fill a sieve with sand

Yes, he uses flashback in several of his stories, including "Of Mice and Men".

In a flashback of a story, a part of the past is shown to better explain is going on in the present.

Flashback - 2011 I is rated/received certificates of: UK:12

You see flashback in this story when it "goes back in time" or a flashback happens when the author writes about Emily and the tax collectors. Another example of flashback is when the author writes about Emily and Homer riding around town in the carriage together.

I have performed a flashback before and I did it like this :you stand on the the stage and start to imagine your flashback and then the lights go completely black and the other half of the stage is full of light wilst other side is dark of course and in the lit part of the stage you act out your flashback as if it was what you were thinking :)

A flashback in a story is when a character sees something or remembers something of his past. Some examples of flashbacks are in the Naruto manga novels. Nagato has a flashback of his past while telling it to Naruto. Luke Castsllan from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series has flashback of his past in the series.

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