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Q: What if Mendel used heterozygotes?
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Mendel tested for heterozygotes by using what?


How is codominance an exception to the laws of genetics proposed by Mendel?

Its an exception because both of the alleles are expressed in heterozygotes.

Describe the methods Mendel used in his experiments?

mendel used itlike that

Mendel crossed a homozygous tall pea plant with a homozygous short pea plant and all of the offspring were tall heterozygotes This was an example of?

This was an example of tallness being a dominant phenotypic trait in pea plants

What did Mendel use in his heredity experiments?

Mendel used pea plants in his experiments.

What plant did Mendel use for his hereditary experiment's?

Gregor Mendel used pea plants for his hereditary experiments

Gregor Mendel used what type of plants in his research?

Gregor Mendel used pea plants in his experiments to study heredity

What are some reasons why mendel used pea plants for his expermints?

what are some reasons why mendel used pea plant for his expermint

What is it when genes for a trait are the same it is called homozygous or?


The meaning of hetero?

heterozygotes... just allele uneven

What did Mendel use to complete his work?

Gregor Mendel used Pea plants to aid his work.

What plant did mendel use for his experiments?

Gregor Mendel used pea plants for his hereditary experiments

The plant used by Mendel for his experiment?


What are Genes that carry contrasting inheritance factors called?


What does a negative f statistic mean?

the populations have an excess of heterozygotes

What kind of apparatus did gregor Mendel used?

Mendel conducted his research on pea plants. His aparatus was a spade and a watering can.

What did gregor Mendel use p plants to study what?

Gregor Mendel used pea plants to study heredity.

Mendel used pea plants true breeding?

Mendel did indeed use pea plants for his true breeding experiments. Mendel used pea plants because they were easy to breed and showed results very clearly.

Mendel used pea plants to investigate?


What did Gregor Mendel experiment with?

He used pea plants.

Mendel used pea plats to invistigate what?


What organism did Mendel used for his experiment?

pea plant

What is the plant Mendel used in study?

the pea plant

What plant did mendel did his work with?

He used pea plants.

Plant that mendel used in his exeriments?

pea plant