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Q: What if Mendel used heterozygotes instead of homozygous genotypes in his P1 generation?
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Why must the genotype for Huntington's chorea be heterozygous instead of homozygous dominant?

The homozygous dominant form is lethal, because it produces twice as much protein (HH = two doses of H) as Hh would. Only if you assume that the alleles for Huntingtons are co-dominant. According to an article called Homozygotes for Huntington Disease, 'the clinical expression of HD among homozygotes is not more severe than observed in heterozygotes.'

What did Mendel do in his second law?

The second Mendelian Law is the Law of Segregation. It states that in a cross the parental traits do not merge in the first offspring generation (ie. the recessive, "weaker" trait does not disappear for good) but instead appear unchanged in the second offspring generation. For example, if you cross homozygous dwarf pea plants to homozygous tall, all members of the first offspring generation will be tall. This makes it seem as if the dwarf trait disappears, but it does not. If you inbreed the first offspring generation, you get 25% dwarf plants in the second offspring generation. So the "lost" trait reappears.

Why you use fifth generation instead of 4th generation?

Well, 5th generation have more features and are better for buisiness and stuff. They are also fast.

If you have XY are you homozygous or heterozygous?

The words homozygous and heterozygous don't apply to the chromosomes that you have but instead refer to the differing alleles (versions) of a gene you have. For example if you have a brown hair allele and a blond hair allele, you are said to be heterozygous for the hair colour gene. If you have two of the same allele you are said to be homozygous. As such one person will heterozygous for some of the thousands of human genes and homozygous for others. If you are XY it means you are male, and XX means you are female.

Why you consider fifth generation's Pentium technology instead of 4th generation?

because my grandma invented the 5th generation, and my grandma knows every thing so you should choose 5th

What is folk law?

Do you mean "folklore" instead of "folk law"? Folklore is the collection of stories and beliefs in a culture that are generally transmitted orally and passed from generation to generation.

In mendels experiment why did wrinked seeds show up in F2 generation instead of F1 gerenation?

on apex itsThe F1 generation carried recessive alleles

What are you need for second generation computer science?

in second generation of computer transistor were used transistor are used instead of vaccum tube are used in first generation high level langauges such as gobsl, fortran are used

Which Generation of Cephalosporins are active against Listeria?

Listeria is not susceptible to cephalosporins... ampicillin is used instead

What is Mendel's term for genes?

Mendel, hailed as the father of genetics, referred to alleles instead of genes. The flow of genetic information from generation to generation was dependent on the alleles of an individual.

What are the advantages in second generation of computer?

The use of transistors instead of vacuum tubes in second generation computers made them:smallerfastercheaperlighterrun coolerconsume less powermore reliableeasier to maintainetc.

Is down syndrome homozygous or heterozygous?

It is not determined by a genotype, but has to do with the number of chromosomes the individual has. A person with down syndrome has 47 chromosomes, instead of 46 (an extra copy of chromosome 21).

If a plant has homozygous tall genes what kimd of genes does the plant have?

If a plant is homozygous tall then it would possess two tall genes instead of a short gene. If for the notation you use B to represent the dominant tall gene and b to represent the recessive short gene the plant would carry and "BB" compliment of genes.

What purpose to flies serve?

Like all organisms, Flies do not exist to serve a purpose but instead because they reproduce, so that by the time a generation of flies die it will have already made the next generation.

Is it possible to play the song from the Star Trek The Next Generation episode The Inner Light on a recorder instead of a flute?

Yes, it is.

Can you put the fourth generation iPod touch camera with the 2nd generation iPod touch?

You might be able to install a camera in the opposite area of the antenna, but that would take a very skilledtechnician and a lot of money. It would be much cheaper and easier to instead just buy the 4th generation.

Why 3-phase voltage is 440V instead of 660V?

at generation one phase is positive, one phase is negative and another is zero simeltaneously

Where is the auto choke on a Ford Escort?

Generation I Ford Escort (to 1989) has a choke on the top of the carbureter. Generation II and III are fuel injected and don't have a choke.. Instead the computer gets feedback from the different sensors and adjusts the mixture accordingly.

How did writers of the lost generation portray American life?

The Lost Generation was a name for the young generation of Americans who were in Europe during the First World War and returned afterward as a way to rebel against mainstream America. This generation was skeptical of authority and writers often portrayed America as a nation that made them lose hope in modern society. These writers tended to adopt influences from European cultures instead.

Where you can get EXPN card in Pokemon Gold?

In Kanto, go to lavender town and, instead of the pokemon tower from generation I,there is a radio tower.Go in there and find out the rest for yourself.

Where to catch a turtiwg in Pokemon Sapphire?

Turtwig does not appear in Pokemon Sapphire, or in Hoenn for that matter. Instead, you can find Turtwig in Generation IV (Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum).

Which decade does third generation computers end?

this is generally considered to have happened in the 1970s or 1980s. however for certain special types of computers they are still third generation computers, because they contain no microprocessor(s), instead they are composed of many high density advanced random logic integrated circuits. so the third generation has still not completely ended.

What was the Lost generation attacking?

The Lost Generation attacked the status quo, which they no longer believed in, as a result of World War I. They rejected the traditional values like courage and patriotism, choosing instead to focus on material gain and a reckless lifestyle. Abstract ideals were abandoned for concrete realism. Writers of the Lost Generation focused on decadence, an idealized past, and expectations based on gender.

Why don't people want to be active instead of using technology?

Becuase this generation is all about doing less, and getting entertained more. Two things that technology does for us!

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Because he is so popular to the newest generation instead of bugs bunny, I think that Harry Potter is more famous.