What if there is too much work to finish?

Updated: 6/10/2023
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Q: What if there is too much work to finish?
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Why is having too much homework a bad thing?

Homework is like the three bears' porridge - too much is just as bad as too little. You want it just right so it gives you a challenge without being too much work to finish and so much that it's overwhelming and too frustrating.

What do you do when your teacher gives you too much homework?

If you really have too much homework to finish in time, show the teacher how much you have gotten done. Then ask if there is any way to have less homework, or to be able to have some time in school to work on it.

Is it correct to use much or many in this sentence how much time do you need to finish your work?

it is proper with that wording to use "much." if the sentance was: how many minutes do you need to finish your work? than you would obviously use "many."

When you finish cooking the rice it is much too wet what are you doing wrong?

You are adding too much water at the start or you are not using enough heat.

How much would it cost to finish your basement?

$4500 if you do the work yourself

How do you say too much pain and too much work in french?

too much pain : trop de douleurtoo much work : trop de travailtoo much pain and too much work : trop de douleur et trop de travail

Is there an expert opinion on do kids have enough amounts of homework?

There haven't been any studies, but most kids have enough homework. Some teachers do give too much work, and that's hard on the kids to finish in time. But most teachers do understand that kids have other classes, and try not to give out too much work.

When do students finish their homework?

Whenever they can. It depends on the student and how efficiently they work, plus how much work they have total.

What is the best polish to clean a silver ring?

Any silver polish will work equally well for silver rings. However, be sure not to apply too much or you could damage the finish.

How much is too much olive oil?

If you finish a olive oil bottle in a week , then youare using to much olive oil.

Are drum kits affected by heat?

Too much or too little is bad for pretty much all instruments. Too much heat may cause the glue to melt, the finish to crackle (or something similar)

If you work out too much will you stop losing weight?

Yes you will stop losing weight because you have lost too much and then will start GAINING weight if you work out too much.