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These moraines are ridges of rock debris formed along the sides of a moving glacier

The top of the wave is called

The Hawaiian Islands are formed by these ocean structures

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Q: What influences the path that surface currents take?
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What are three factors that control the path that control the path a surface current may take?


How many parts can currents take in series and parallel circuits?

Series circuit: one path. Parallel circuit: One path for each branch (two or more).

True or false and why water can take only one path through the water cycle?

Energy from the sun causes water on the surface to evaporate into water vapor โ€“ a gas. This invisible vapor rises into the atmosphere, where the air is colder, and condenses into clouds. Air currents move these clouds all around the earth. ... That's just one path water can take through the water cycle.

What is fermat's principal?

Fermat's principle->the path of light will take after reflecting from a surface or passing through more than one medium according to the principal, light follows the path that will take the least time

What are diverging currents?

Diverging currents are currents that are deviating and usually take place to ocean currents. This will be marked by an inconsistent airflow pattern of the currents.

How fast do ocean currents move?

It would take 1,000 years for a DEEP OCEAN CURRENT to move from the south pole, to the equator and back again. (learned it in science class yesterday!) Not sure about surface currents. :D

What are deep water currents?

The ocean currents known since antiquity are called surface currents. Though these are invaluable to shipping, they are superficial and occupy only a small fraction of the ocean's waters. The majority of the ocean's currents take the form of a temperature- and salinity-driven "conveyor belt" that slowly churns water within the abyssal depths. These loops of water circulation are called deep currents.

Where in the earth do convection currents occur?

Convection currents take place in the mantle.

Where does heat transfer by convection currents take place in the earths interior?

Most convection currents exist in the mantle, the layer below the Earth's crust. As the semi-molten rock heats up, it rises closer to the surface, and it sinks as it cools. This is how plate tectonics works, as the crust's plates move on these currents.

Where do convection currents take place?

in the mantle

What path will electricity always take?

The Shortest Path

What paths can electricity take through a series circuit or a parallel circuit?

electricity take every possible path which follow closed path across its source.AnswerIn a series circuit, there is only one path for current to flow; the same current passes through each component.In a parallel circuit, there are multiple paths called 'branches', and the sum of the individual branch currents is equal to the current drawn from the supply.

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