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The nucleus

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Q: What is non example of electron cloud?
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Related questions

What is a non example of an electron cloud?

orbital is a region of space around the nucleus where an electron is likely to be found. ... The electron cloud is a visual model that represents all the orbitals in an atom.

What is an example sentence of electron cloud?

The place were the electrons are found

What is the charge on the electron cloud?

The charge of an electron cloud is negative. The electron cloud is made up of electrons, and the electrons are negatively charged. The electron cloud will have a negative charge as well.

Is the electron found in the electron cloud or in the nucleus?


What is a electron cloud?

An electron cloud is an atomic orbital.

What is a detailed explanation of the electron cloud model?

Scientist use the electron cloud model to represent an atom.In the electron cloud model, an atom has two distinct regions-the nucleus and the electron cloud.

What is the electron cloud called?

The expression "electron cloud" is correct and sufficient. The electron cloud contain all the electrons in the atom.

What is found in the electron cloud of an atom?

The electron cloud is a region of negative charge. However, the electron cloud has varying densities. It follows that this region will have different strengths of negative charge. The position of the strongest charge is the 'dot point' of an electron

Where is the location of an electron in an electron cloud?

This cannot be determined, the electron cloud is purely a probability distribution.

Can a proton be found in an electron cloud?

No protons can be found in an electron cloud.

Where are the nucleus and the electron cloud?

nucleus is in the middle and the electron cloud is around it

Would Dalton have recognized the electron cloud model of a nucleus?

The electron cloud is not a model of the atomic nucleus. The electron cloud surrounds the atomic nucleus.

What is an electron cloud shaped like?

The shape of an electron cloud depends on the energy sublevel. Each electron cloud is different, so there is no definitive shape.

What is an example of a electron?

I think you should rephrase your question. there's no example of an electron, an electron is an electron. the description of an electron is something like: an electron is the smallest unit of matter that has a negative charge. this charge is 1.602 x 10-19 C. it can be found in the electron cloud surrounding the nucleus of an atom. electric current is the directional movement of electrons in a conductive metal.

The electron cloud is least dense where the probability of finding an electron is?

the electron cloud is least dense where the probability of finding an electron is LOWEST

How can you use atom electron nucleus and electron cloud in the same sentence?

Electron in an atom is represented by electron cloud around the nucleus

What are some non examples of valance electrons?

This is a confusing question - anything that is NOT a valance electron will be a non-example. So, a turtle is not a valance electron.

What is the final electron acceptor in anaerobic respiration?

non oxygen electron acceptors Example: SO42-

Where are electrons found in an electron cloud?

inside the electron cloud.

Region surrounding the nucleus which is occupied by electrons?

Electron cloud Electron cloud

How do you draw an electron cloud model?

How do you draw and electron cloud for 2Br and for Br2

Where is the electron cloud found?

The electron cloud is found around the nucleus of an atom.

What is an electron cloud made of?

An electron cloud is made up of protons and neutrons.

Where is a electron cloud located?

The electron cloud in an atom is located outside of the nucleus.

The type of electron cloud around the nucleus that shows the possible electron positions?

well i think it is the electron cloud

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