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Q: What is one specific element within the matrix of domination that could benefit from change?
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Does a proton have positive charge?

yes it does. (pro) meaning positive. the proton identifies the atom. change the proton of a specific element and it is no longer that specific element. the element changes when the number of protons change. the protons are the same as the atomic number. ALWAYS

As Atoms of element increase what happens to atomic number?

The atomic number is specific to the element itself - not the quantity. It does not change as you add in more of the element.

Do the number of protons in a specific atom ever change?

no. because if the number of protons changes, then the element changes

What happens if you change the number of protons of an element?

what will happen is that the atomic number will change, and the element will change into another element.

On howrse can you change the element of the fifth element on your horse?

no you get a random element and you dont change it

Is lead melting when heated in a crucible a physical change or a chemical change?

It is a physical change, physical changes can be determined if the element is the same element before and after the change. When a element melts, it changes form but not element.

On howrse if you use the 5th element can you change the element on your horse?

You can buy another fifth element and change them but there is no guarantee you will get a different element type.

What property must be change to change an element into another element?

to make one element a different element, all you need to do is have a different number of protons

Can boiling temperature of an element change?

The boiling temperature of an element can change by changing the pressure.

Does plutonium change its element when melted if so to what?

No. Melting does not change one element into another.

How do you change your alternator on your 2004 Honda Element?

how to change altunator on my 2004 honda element

What is it called when you change the number of protons in an element?

In this case you change what element it is. This is called transmutation.

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