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Q: What is the [OH-] concentration of a solution with a pH of 10.13?
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What is the concentration of OH- ions in a solution of pH 5?

In a solution of pH 5, the concentration of OH- ions is 10-9 moles per liter.

What limits the pH of the solution?

The concentration of H+ or OH-.

What solution has a grater concentration h or OH?

Depends on the pH, at low pH (below pH 7), the H+ ion concentration is greater, and high pH the OH- ion concentration is greater

What does the PH solution of a acid and base depend on?

the H+ concentration and the OH- concentration

Which solutions has a greater concentration of hydroxide ions a solution of pH 3 or a solution of pH 9?

The higher the pH, the greater the concentration of Hydroxide (OH-) ions. So, the solution with the pH of 9 is your answer.

What is the OH- concentration of a solution having a pH of 2?


What is the principle of pH meter?

The principle of a pH meter is that it measures the concentration of H+ ions in a solution. If the concentration of H+ ions is equal to the concentration of OH- ions, then the solution is neutral.

What causes the pH of a solution to raise?

An increase in the concentration of OH- ions.

Solution A has a pH of 7 Solution B has a pH of 9 - therefore solution A has a two fold greater H concentration that solution B?

Actually pH is the negative log of the concentration of H+ ions. a neutrl liquid water has same H+ and OH- concentration which equal (10^-7) an pH = 9 solution has hundred fold less H+ ions than a solution which has pH = 7 an pH = 9 solution has hundred fold more OH- ions than a solution which has pH = 7

What is the pH of a solution with a hydroxyl ion OH- concentration of 10-12M?


What scale is a measure of the concentration oh h30 ions in a given solution?


What would be the pH of a solution with a hydroxide ion OH- concentration of 10-12 M?

pH 2

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