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A fact is something that is true and you have information to back it up , an opinion is what someone think ,Ex that was the worst game ever. Worst the the opinion word because somebody meant think that is the best game ever.

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Q: What is the definition related to identifying the nature of an illness?
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Is there a definition for the word definition?

Yes there is. It's a statement expressing the essential nature of something.Please see Related Links below.

Does definition has meanings?

Yes there is. It's a statement expressing the essential nature of something.Please see Related Links below

What illness did Robert Osborne have?

Robert Osborne chose not to publicly divulge the nature of his illness.

What is the nature of mental illness as opposed to physical illness?

You can't see mental illness, but you can see physical illness. An illness of the mind affects how you think or behave, not what you look like.

Meaning of diagnosis?

Diagnosis is the process of identifying the nature and cause of a disease or injury.

What does the phrase 'butter your muffin' mean?

I am not going to type the answer to this question here because it is of a sexual nature. Please see the Related Link for the definition.

How did king edward the third die?

He was stricken with illness the last eight years of his life but the illness's nature is not known.

Can one develop mental illness or is one born with mental illness?’s the nature-nurture theory

What is the definition of malign?

The definition of the word malign is "evil in nature or effect; malevolent."

What is the definition of Man vs Nature conflict?

A struggle between a character and nature.

What is a definition for a resource?

something in nature that you can replenish.

What wildlife is in nature?

By definition: all wildlife is in nature. Wildlife is life outside human control: out in nature

How are humans related to nature?

Humans are a part of nature

What is immunodiagnosis?

immunodiagnosis is nothing but identifying the nature or cause of disease by antigen-antibody reaction in blood

Why do terrariums need plants?

The very nature of a terrarium is a contained space of nature, by definition.

Are tornadoes created by humans nature or weather related?

Tornadoes are weather related, and are thus created by nature.

What is nature branding?

By definition, "nature branding," is not one particular thing. It is, in essence, using nature and elements of nature to apply branding to your company.

What disease did van Gogh have?

Experts do not agree as to the exact nature of his mental illness.

What is the definition of scientific law?

It is a repeated observation about nature.

What is the definition for a renewable resource?

something in nature that you can replenish.

What is the definition of solitary nature?

Enjoyment of being alone.

What is a conclusion as to the nature of an illness is called?

Diagnosis"To treat a patient, a physician mush first make a diagnosis, that is, reach a conclusion as to the nature or identity of the illness." Memmler's The Human Body in Health and Disease, 11th ed

What are 15 things that are not related to science?

Nature is not related to science

What sort of employment safety and health statistics does the Bureau of Labor Statistics publish?

Information analyzed and summarized includes job-related injuries and illnesses by industry, nature of the injury or illness, and the workers involved. There is also a compilation of work-related deaths.

What is the definition for the word observation?

To gather data or information related to the problem. Observation is either qualitative if it has something to do with the nature or quality of a substance or quantitative if it has something to do with the amount of the substance.