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The first periodic table of elements Mendeleev created contained only 45 elements

Elements like barium located toward the bottom of a group have a lower attraction for their valence electrons because they have a

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Q: What is the electric configuration of 1s22s22p63s23p64s23d104p65s24d10?
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What is the electric configuration of argon?

Argon does not have an electric configuration.

What is the electric configuration of a fluoride atom?

Fluorine, (2.7) is its electron configuration, as it has an atomic number of 9 and 9 electrons

Can you plug a dryer into an electric range plug?

Not normally, the pins are in a different configuration.

Whats 'electron configuration'?

Electron is a subatomic particle. This is negative elementary electric charge.

What are the conditions for stable electric configuration?

The valence/outer shell has to be completely full to be completely stable.

Which configuration would produce an electric current?

Rotate a coil of copper wire between two magnets.

How do you check to see if electric motor windings are delta or Y?

in a delta configuration the current is split between the phases, as opposed to a wye configuration where the current will be equal on all phases. and vice versa for voltage.

What is the Electric configuration of nitrogen in the ground state?

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Fan belt configuration for Pontiac Grand Prix gtp?

There is no fan belt it is all electric at least for 97 and later models.

How many electrons does the first row of the periodic table have?

The electric configuration of first row elements is ns1. They have 1 valence electron.

What electric charge is characteristic for an ion of S?

The electric charge that is characteristic for an ion of S sulfur is -2. Sulfur lies in the same group as oxygen on the periodic table, and therefore has the same valence configuration.

How does ionic bonding differ from covalent bonding?

Ionic bondingIonic bonding occurs between atoms, that result from the exchange of electrons. this is exchange is caused by the atoms achieving a full octet. (8 electrons in outer shell)sodiums electric configuration= 2,8,1Fluorines electric configutation = 2,7Sodium would then give its one elctron to fluorine and fluorine would achieve a full octet.Covalent bondingCovalent bonding occurs between atoms, that result in sharing electrons. This sharing helps achieve a full octet.(8 electrons in outer shell)Hydogens electric configuration = 1Oxygens electric configuration= 2,6There for we would have two hydrogens and have them share electrons making it a full octet

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