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Q: What is the function of DNA template in pcR?
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What is the DNA template?

Template DNA is a DNA you want to amplify. So you should know what you are amplifying before a PCR or you can make it by sequencing your PCR product.

What is the sequence of the template DNA?

What do you really want to ask? template DNA is a DNA you want to amplify. So you should know what you are amplifying before a PCR or you can make it by sequencing your PCR product.

What is the function of a primer in a PCR reaction?

In PCR, what is the function of the primers? They indicate where DNA synthesis should start.

What is the purpose of PCR?

PCR polymerase chain reaction allows for the scientist to put in a small amount of DNA and to receive a large amount of DNA back. It amplifies the DNA. Each cycle doubles the amount of DNA template.

Why we need primer to design for PCR?

NEED OF PRIMER IN PCR-It is because the polymerase enzyme we use in the PCR only extend a DNA strand but not initiate its synthesis. So, to initiate the synthesis of DNA strand onto a template strand we require primers.

Role of Taq polymerase in PCR?

Extend the primers, using Original DNA as template, producing sister strands.

Role of additives in PCR?

Reactants: (dNTPs, template DNA (to be amplified), primers(bind to DNA to begin elongation of strand), DNA Polymerase (elongate DNA), & MgCl2) in buffer + H2O

What causes smear instead of a clear band in PCR?

A smear in your PCR can be caused by too low annealing temperature. Too much or little magnesium or poor primer design or most likely poorly extracted DNA for your template. Precipitate your template DNA again with 70% ethanol give it a good dry and re-elute and try once more. You can also try diluting your template. If there are PCR inhibitors in your DNA prep then using less template can improve results. If you have plenty of DNA in your prep then a 10 or even 100 fold dilution shouldn't prevent good amplification.

What is the parent strand of DNA?

The parent strand of DNA is also refered to as the template strand. This term is used to describe processes such as DNA replication and in vitro techniques like PCR

Why is DNA polymerase added last during PCR?

DNA polymerase is an enzyme that finctions best when itis placed in the right ionic environment. All buffers and all other constituents required for the PCR reaction are added first. The buffers ensure the maintainace of the correct ionic environment for the polymerase to function optimally. Therefore, the DNA polymerase is added last AFTER addition of template and primer

What is pcr and its application?

PCR or polymerase chain reaction is a method to amplify a fragment of DNA. PCR reaction contains template DNA, primers, dNTPs, polymerase enzyme, buffer and water. The thermocycler manage the heat and time to synthesize DNA (denaturation, annealing and extension). The main application is one can amplify the gene or DNA of interest to millions of copies by using this prior to cloning.

What is a function of reverse transcriptase?

It catalyzes the formation of DNA from an RNA template.

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