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Q: What is the irony in this event in American history?
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What was the irony of history that occurred in 1876?

the irony of history that occurred in 1876 is that the election of 1876 officially crushed the american dream for millions of black americans

Why was the American Revolution such an important event in the American History?

Because if there was no American Revolution there would be no America, and therefor no American History.

Is American revelolution history?

It is a historical event (in the past)

Should the titanic be taught in American history?

Yes. It was a major event in 1912 and is history.

What is the most Important event in American history that start with alphabet O?

The most important event in American history that starts with the letter O is probably the Olympics.

What event made Rosa park part of American history?

the event is that she led us to free

What has the author Jonathan Tittler written?

Jonathan Tittler has written: 'Narrative irony in the contemporary Spanish-American novel' -- subject(s): History and criticism, Irony in literature, Spanish American fiction 'Manuel Puig' -- subject(s): Argentine literature, Criticism and interpretation, History and criticism

Which event came first in latin American history?

A.ideas from the American Revolution spread.

What is romantic irony?

cosmic irony occurs when a situation, action, or event thought to have a positive

What event in American history did Burgoyne witness?

The Battle of Saratoga.

What event was known as the GD in American History?

The Great Depression

Why was shay's rebellion an important event in American history?

it ended slavery

When an unexpected or mocking event occurs?

its a irony.........

Why is the revolutionary war a significant event in US history?

the reason the American revolution was a significant event in American history because we won OUR Independence and OUR rights without it we would still belong to Britain.

Is the American Revolution a economic event in US History?

can someone please give me a straight answer of two examples of economic & geographic events in american history

What event made Rosa parks part of American history?

she became part of history by doing stopping segragation

Was the Rosa Parks story a big event in American history?

Yes, Rosa Parks' story was a big event in American history because she inspired the Birmingham Bus Boycott of 1955, one of the first of many successful boycotts and protests against segregation in the American south.

What has the author Robert Boies Sharpe written?

Robert Boies Sharpe has written: 'Irony in the drama' -- subject(s): American drama, Catharsis, Criticism and interpretation, Drama, English drama, History and criticism, Irony in literature 'The real war of the theaters' -- subject(s): English drama, History, History and criticism, Stage history, Theater

Use irony in a sentence?

There is a great irony of history which forms the central part of his story.

What famous event from American history is depicted in the crucible by the arthur miller?

This dicc

What important event in history happened in 1863?

The American Civil War is fought

What was the single most important religious event in American history?

the great awakening

What event in American History was the movie Gone With the Wind about?

The American Civil War, especially emphasizes the fall of Atlanta

What interest people about the American Revolution?

The American people do almost not have any history, compared to Europeans, Asians, Arabs, Persians, Turks, African Tribes....... So the American revolution is the largest event in their history.

What is the most important economic event in American history from 1600s-1800s?

your mom was born