what is the name of this microscopic specimen?

The shape looks like zigzag and Wavy. It looks like short fingertips in a row. Not a complex cell because I can't see any structure inside. Only a wavy shape.

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โˆ™ 2022-10-06 13:32:26

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Q: What is the name of this microscopic specimen?
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What did you consider in preparing specimen for microscopic study?

what did you consider in preparing spicimen for microscopic study?

What is the use of a cover slip?

It is used to hold the specimen being observed in place. It keeps the microscopic lens from touching the specimen, and it keeps the specimen from being contaminated.

Why etchant used in microscopic examination of metal?

In order to reveal the microstructure of the specimen.

Tumor grade is determined through microscopic evaluation of the tumor or biopsy specimen?

Yes or no

What is urinalisis?

Urinalysis is a diagnostic physical, chemical, and microscopic examination of a urine sample (specimen).

Why is the microscopic field of view helpful to us?

it helps us see th specimen clearly

How do you magnify the drawing of macro and microscopic specimens?

to magnify a specimen you see the eye piece of the microscope ...

What is the preferred urine specimen for microscopic examination of urine sediment?

Using a standardized Urinalysis System

What is the distance through which a microscopic specimen can be moved and still have it remain in focus is called?

Depth of field

What are counterstains?

A stain of a contrasting color used to color the components in a microscopic specimen that are not made visible by the principal stain.

What particular objective should be used when a general view of the specimen is to be studied?

When starting a microscopic study,always examine under LPO first.Move the slide and get a good general view of the specimen.

What is the particle size of clastic sedimentary rocks?

Particles will range from microscopic to boulder sized, depending on the specimen of clastic sedimentary rock.

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