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Q: What is the setting in the story of don't wait to give daddy a hug?
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When does a setting in a story happen in a story?

Normally the setting of a story happens in the beginning of a story A good author provides constant setting throughout the story to give you a vivid mental image of where the story is taking place.

What is the story Don't Wait to Give Daddy a Hug about?

The short story Don't Wait To Give Daddy A Hug is about a girl who regretted not giving her daddy one last hug before he died. This shows that if you love your daddy, always make sure you tell him and show him, because one day it will be too late.

What should be in the setting?

The setting of a story should give the reader a enough information telling them about time and place of the story. Without it you don't have a foundation for a story.

Who is the author of the story don't wait to give daddy a hug?

The short story was written by Frances Fleckner Schletty.

Story in titled don't wait to give daddy a hug?

.the author is Frances flecker schletty

Who are the characters in the story don't wait to give daddy a hug?

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Give you the setting and the main character of the story world is an apple?


Can you give me an example of a Story with settings?

All stories have settings! The setting is the place and time where the story happens.

What is default left and right margin setting?

i dont give a sh&t

What is historical setting?

Historical setting helps to provide the context of a story. For example, historical setting would give the reader some details about time period, the society in which the story takes place, etc.

How does the setting contribute to the theme?

The setting can give an Erie feel, or a romantic feel, etc. Depending on your story, you want to choose a setting that relates to it. (Ex: don't put a dark scary Forrest as your setting if your story is about a dolphin, it won't make sense.)

What impression does the opening sentence create about the setting of the story?

That depends on which story you're reading - since you didn't say, we can't give you a good answer.

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