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Q: What is the superiority of white Americans Where are they confident?
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Why did white Americans want segregation in the 1920s and 1930s?

White Americans suffered from a false sense of superiority complex

What white superiority?

White Power.

What did Jim Crow laws establish?

They were established by white supremacists to scare the black americans and establish their superiority over them.

Why do you think many Americans believed in manifest destiny?

It was a romantic idea, and, possibly unconsciously, fit in with their notions of white supremacy and racial superiority.

Why do you think many Americans believe in manifest destiny?

It was a romantic idea, and, possibly unconsciously, fit in with their notions of white supremacy and racial superiority.

Why are white people dominant?

They're not. That's their false superiority.

Is there more African-Americans or white Americans?

White Americans

What did the KKK believe in?

White racial superiority. No race is superior to another.

What were the Americans attitude towards the native Americas and Mexicans because of manifest destiny?

Manifest Destiny was an ideal that gave most white Americans a sense of superiority. They felt they had to remove the natives and Mexicans to make way for their new heaven on earth.

What percentage of Americans are white?

75% of Americans are white.

Why did some white southern oppose reconstruction?

White Southerners opposed Reconstruction because it gave political power to African-Americans. Whites' attitudes toward colored people was of superiority, and many were very racist and participated in the Ku Klux Klan.

How was the US affected by manifest destiny?

Americans harbored a belief of racial superiority and cultural superiority. Americans believed they had a â??divine obligationâ?? to stretch the borders of the country to the Pacific. The â??Everyone is equalâ?? mantra of the Jackson administration made Americans eager to tackle the challenge of settling the western provinces.

What was behind the klu klux klans confident facade?

Americans fearful of change

Why are some white people jealous of successful black people?

because black success contradicts their false illusion of white superiority

Why did the Americans fight in the battle of white plains?

Why did the Americans fight the BATTLE OF WHITE PLAINS

How do you use superiority?

the superiority of a school is the principal

Throughout most of the 1920s Americans were generally?

Confident that businesses would bring continued prosperity.

How do you put superiority in a sentence?

He suffers from a superiority complex. Our team will win because of our superiority on the field.

Why did the Indians get upset the white Americans?

Because the white Americans took their land and were killing their people.

What is A sentence with superiority in it?

His superiority complex made him overconfident.

What was the reason for building the White House?

for the white Americans

How does the net worth of white americans compare to that asian americans hispanic and black americans?

The net worth of White Americans are much higher compared to that of the Asian American, Hispanic and Black Americans. The wealth gap had tripled between the White Americans and Black Americans between the years of 1984 and 2009.

Who was responsible for bringing African-Americans into America?

white Americans

Why were white settlers racist against the native Americans?

They weren't raciest, the native Americans thought that the white people were disrespecting the land and the white people thought that the native Americans were immoral.

How many Americans landed on the moon?

there have been 12 so far. i am very sure, completely confident.