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Q: What is the unit of measurement of a big bucket?
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Related questions

If you are measuring the capacity of a bucket what unit of measurement should you use?

A unit of volume - litres, gallons, cubic inches or cubic centimetres are examples.

What is the metric unit used to measure the volume of water in a bucket?

The Liter will give the measurement in the form of the most convenient number.

What is the measurement of a bucket?


How many zeros in gram?

There is no possible answer. A gram is a unit of measurement. There are no 0s in any unit of measurement.

WHAT IS KGA in unit of measurement?

what is KGA in unit of a measurement

How big is the unit called rod?

5 1/2 Yards (Land measurement]

Are feet considered a unit conversion or unit of measurement?

unit of measurement

Is a pencil a unit of measurement?

No, a pencil is not a unit of measurement.

What unit of measurement for force?

A Newton is the measurement unit for force.

What is the unit of measurement for forcr?

The unit of measurement of force is 'Newton'

What are the basic unit of measurement?

the basic unit of measurement of a capacitor is

What is the measurement unit of the electric current?

measurement unit is Amperes (A)

How much is 110.00 in pound?

You can convert one unit of measurement into another unit of measurement, such as kilograms to pounds, but you cannot convert a number into a unit of measurement, such as 110.00 to pounds. At least, not unless I want to guess what unit of measurement you are using (kilograms?).

What is metric unit of measurement for volume?

The unit of measurement for volume is cubic unit. For liquids, it is liters

The smaller the unit the measurement will be what?

The smaller the unit the more accurate the measurement will be.

When converting from a large unit of measurement to a smaller unit of measurement you should?


How many feet will 30 ounces do?

That depends how big those people's feet are. A foot is a unit of measurement while an ounce is a unit of mass. The two units are incompatible.

Is pint a unit of measurement of length?

No - It is a unit of measurement of liquid quantity or volume

What is the unit of measurement for tidal energy?

As for any energy, Joules are the unit of measurement

Unit of measurement for electrical resistance?

Unit of Measurement for electrical resistance is OHMS.

What unit of measurement does a stopwatch use?

A stopwatch uses seconds as a unit of measurement.

What unit of measurement would you use for destiny?

the unit of measurement for destiny

What is the unit of measurement for ohm?

An ohm is a unit of measurement! It is a measurement of resistance to electrical current.An ohm is the unit to measure the resistance of electricity between two conductors.

How many gallon are in 1 bucket?

Depends on how big the bucket is.

How many kids can you fit in a bucket?

depends how big the bucket is.