What is Upgrade from Tas to Sage With DB Computer Solutions?

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Ian Cumiskey

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βˆ™ 2023-03-29 06:17:51

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Upgrading from TAS (The Accounting System) to Sage is a process that involves transferring your financial data from TAS to Sage accounting software. DB Computer Solutions is a company that offers IT and business solutions, including software upgrades and support services for Sage and TAS.

Upgrading from TAS to Sage can provide a number of benefits, such as improved functionality, more advanced reporting and analysis capabilities, and better integration with other software systems. The process of upgrading involves migrating your data from the old system to the new one, configuring the new software to match your business processes, and training your staff on how to use the new system.

DB Computer Solutions can assist with all aspects of the upgrade process, from software installation and data migration to staff training and ongoing support. They can help you evaluate your options and choose the right version of Sage for your business needs, and provide expert guidance and technical support throughout the entire process.

Overall, upgrading from TAS to Sage with the help of DB Computer Solutions can help you streamline your accounting processes, improve financial visibility, and better manage your business operations.

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Sherrif Jibril

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βˆ™ 2023-03-29 21:34:48
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Q: What is Upgrade from Tas to Sage With DB Computer Solutions?
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