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No, because the dough is a solid, and the bread when it's done is a solid. But if you cook the bread too long at a high temperature, it will turn to ash, which WOULD be a physical change.

The political views of the southern colonies were mostly influenced by their economic activities. The farmers in this area would air views that would help end the plight of farmers.

a complete chemical analysis of a food would show that it is composed mostly of what

Physical change: the steel wool only changes the black pot's shape and in doing so reveals another color in the pot or the color of the substance that the pot is made from; it would still be the same thing but there would be all the parts of the pot, just it would be in different pieces.

Political environment heavily influences the Indian business world. Different political parties have different policies in regard to businesses. A change in the political environment may lead to a change in taxes, which would severely affect the Indian business community.

organizing a letter-writing campaign to senators Explanation: A letter-writing campaign to senators is an example of an action designed to promote or inhibit political change. The other choices make positive impacts on local organizations, but they are not directly related to political change.

Answer: Voting leads to putting new and different people in office.

Mostly a physical change because the composition of the glass does not change (usually - if the head does cause changes it would become a chemical change as well.

Mostly chemical, but physical changes also occur, such as when the windows blow out.

Obstinate, as in stubborn: She was obstinate about her political position, and would not change her opinion very easily.

who would use a political map

he was a Federalist-------------------------------------------- he was against political parties, however he probably would have been a Federalist since he had mostly the same point-of-view

The simplest way to put it would be to say borders move more than mountains.

Switcharoo (or switcheroo) is mostly said when you abruptly make a change. Ex: While playing a game & you suddenly change cover, you would say "Switcharoo!"

Because the Roman citizens couldn't agree on what they would do with the government and who would be ruling Rome. They also shared different views about who would have what rights.

Because 'conservative' and liberal' have no fixed content in politics. Conservative politicians in for instance Scandinavia and The Netherlands would mostly be considered liberal, if not 'socialist' in the eyes of US politicians. And what with the whole political spectrum in the USA being much more to the right than that of many other Western countries, many US conservative politicians would find it hard if not impossible to find a local 'conservative' Party where they would feel at home - and US liberals would be considered to hold slightly right-wing conservative political views in those countries.

A plane would mostly fly in stratosphere.

In Europe the highest paid political offices are the Itallian lawmakers. I don't know about the USA. Maybe your political party would affect it. If so then it could change every 4 years. Unless it's the congress, then it might only change every six years. And if it's the judical branch then it would chane every time a justice either retires of dies.

mostly the tps or throttle positioning sensor. it would be a good idea to change that

That would be chromium(II) sulfate, but really, chromium mostly exists as Cr(III) or Cr(VI), which would change the formula.

They are mostly dry products so the change would be minimal. Some may go stale faster is all.

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This would be defined as a physical change. In chemistry, this would be defined as anything from a change in mass or volume to a change in state (solid, liquid, gas). As long as the substance does not change in molecular structure, it is mostly a physical change. Common indicators of a chemical change is change in color, production of light, production of extensive heat, production of uncommon smells, or even bubbling.

That would depend mostly on how the guidance system was set. For an attack they would hit cities and military bases mostly. If simply fired randomly (very unlikely), they would mostly hit the outback.

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