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Q: What makes the colonial rhode island standout from the rest of the colony's?
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What clothes did colonial dressmakers make?

a colonial dressmaker makes clothes such as dresses and skirts.

What is the signifagince of a colonial printing press?

colonial printing press makes pie and burns big bumblebeez

What is a colonial confectioner?

A person who makes or sells candies and sometimes ice cream, cake, etc. in colonial times

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What does colonial gunsmiths mean?

it mean's a person that makes guns

What is a chandler in colonial times?

A chandler makes or sells candles.

What makes the colonial Georgia so special?

what makes Georgia special is that it's just so wonderful!

What makes an island an island?

If it is an island it has to be surrounded by water completely also you have to go over water to get to it

What makes japan look like an island?

Probably the fact that it is an island.

What are the steps to making a dress as a colonial milliner?

A milliner makes hats.

What is a person that makes doors and sashes in the colonial times called?


Cooper in colonial times?

a colonial time cooper is a person who makes wheelbarells and who makes it home made barells from wood. A colonial cooper was a craftsman who made barrels and buckets out of wood look at this link for more info

What is the island at the bottom of the south island?

the north island. <Awnser makes so sense... Lol.

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What makes Virginia better than all the other colonies?

colonial america

What makes you standout among the others candidate?

If you have a great personality and are fun to be around, your boss, or whoever is interviewing you, will notice. You can be friendly and outgoing, but not too much. You also have to show that you are serious and can be a leader in whatever area you want.

What makes Japan an island?

There is water surrounding it.

How does erosion affect Fraser Island?

Erosions effected fraser island because it helped form the sand that makes fraser island

What island makes up the countries of haiti?

Hispaniola is an island containing Haiti and The Dominican Republic.

Where is mt haleakala located in Hawaii?

Haleakala is on the island of Maui and makes up the majority of the island.

What is the largest island that make up Greece?

The largest island that makes up Greece is Crete.

What makes the Rhode Island colony different from the other colonies?

What makes Rhode Island colony different from the other colonies is that it is a colony with Religious Tolerance.

What was the purpose of a representative government and institutions in colonial period?

The purpose of a representative government in the colonial period is the same as it is today. It makes and enforces laws created by those elected by the voters.

How has colonial and afrikaner been commerated and omissions?

Your question makes no English sense and therefore we can not answer it for you, sorry.