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The region of Norway, Sweden and Denmark is usually refered to as Scandinavia, with Norway and Sweden forming the Scandinavian peninsula.

The historical cultural-linguistic region of Scandinavia is located in Northern Europe. The historical region of Scandinavia consists of three countries Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The country Finland is located in Northern Europe. More specifically, it is in the Fennoscandian region east of Sweden and south of Norway.

Norway and Sweden are two separate, sovereign countries that happen to be neighbors in the region known as Scandinavia.

No. Denmark is located in the Nordic region. Along with Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

Norway is located on the continent of Europe. Norway is in Europe in the region of Scandinavia. Norway makes up the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, which is also comprised of Sweden and Denmark. See related link.

Scandinavia is made up of multiple countries, these include Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland.

The Scandinavian peninsula consists of Norway and Sweden.

Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark.

Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark.

Norway is a country in Northern Europe. The three independent countries Norway, Sweden and Denmark is often called Scandinavia. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland is sometimes named the Nordic Countries.

Scandium, which is named for Scandinavia, a region in Europe that includes the countries of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

Sweden is located in the continent of Europe. It is bordered to the west by Norway and the east by Finland. Its capital is Stockholm.

Norway is located next to Sweden (on the west side), and then next to the North sea. Denmark is located south of Norway. Finland and Russia in the north.

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland.

In the north. The countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland.

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden, the country located between Norway and Finland.

No, Iceland is a country, located on an island in the North Atlantic. Norway and Sweden are Scandinavian countries and are part of mainland Europe

Lapland is a region rather than a country. Falling above the Arctic Circle, Lapland stretches from Russia through Finland, Sweden and Norway.

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