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Q: What should the conditions of the room you are in be like?
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What would be your ideal job?

This is a question where you should speak in generalities. You could say things like good working conditions, teamwork, flexible hours and room for growth.

How long should fresh flowers last?

There is no specific time , it will depend on the type of flower and the room conditions.

What does fluorine look like under normal conditions?

Fluorine is a gas at room temperature and it looks pale yellow.

How should a tomboy decorate their room?

Use the colors they they like skateboarding...

When you start to learn to cook you are going to make a mini restaurant in your living room but what should the living room -where the guests eat- look like should you decorate it?

You should hire an interior designer who will design the room for you.

What room should your puppy live in?

A puppy should get a space in the laundry room or just a little bed in the living room. It could just live anywhere it feels like sleeping.

What color should you paint your room to be like twilight?

navy blue

What heat do goldfish like?

You should keep the water at room temperature.

What colors should you paint your room if you like the University of Mississippi?

you should paint it red and blue

What is the physical state of zinc under room conditions?

Zinc is a solid at room temperature.

What is the only nonmetallic element that is a liquid at room temperature under ordinary conditions?

Bromine is the only nonmetal that is a liquid at room temperature under ordinary conditions.

How should the room of a software engineer looks like?

Software engineers are people, just like everyone else. Their rooms reflect their personalities and not necessarily their profession. There is no specific way a software engineer's room should look.

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